The Chequers, Walthamstow

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FAP Rating 2 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
Another pub in the longest street market in Europe, this one is very local. If you can ignore the looks when you go in, you should find it a pleasant enough place to go. There's Thai food on offer, as well as a fairly standard range of drinks. Strangely has wooden blinds like the nearby Cock Tavern - we keep confusing them - and they don't work any better here. It's not the best pub in the area, but if you're thirsty...
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26 Mar 2013
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Now an Antic pub this has seen a dramatic transformation; friendly staff; comfortable interior; excellent ales, mostly local; good music played at acceptable background levels and the promise of good food very soon. This pub which spent a very long time as the sort of lowlife sink that repectable people avoid is now potentially the best Antic pub in the borough. It has joined my growing canon of comfortable pubs in the area in which to sit, drink a beer, chat, read a book. Excellent venue. Try it!
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15 Jun 2012
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I am a regular customer at this pub for many years.I can say that i have noticed the new owners of the place are making a lots of changes to make the place look better and have a good and quality service.This place is much safer now.They have responsible security guards on the weekends which is very important for this area.I have notice a few times that they not allowed any rudeness towards the staff or other customer.They don't allowed the people to get very drunk or cost troubles.If that happened they refuse serving them.I remember a long time ago i didn't like the place coz of the gangs which ware going there but now most of them are barred and i don't even see them anymore.The quality of the service, drinks and food is excellent.There staff is very friendly and nice.I never thought a pub in this area could be that nice.Is nothing like all the other places around.They have lovely kitchen and atmosphere.I can only say well done to the new owners and keep making this place better.If all the owners were like you maybe this area would stop have the bad reputation which it has and less gangs will walk around.I would highly recommend The Chequers pub to anybody who wants a quite drink after work in the weekdays and a good and safe party or entertainment on the weekends.

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145 High St, Walthamstow, London, E17 7BX
020 8503 6401
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Mon-Thu 17.00-23.00 | Fri 17.00-00.00 | Sat 12.00-00.00 | Sun 12.00-23.00
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