The City of Quebec (ex-the Quebec), Marble Arch

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FAP Rating 2 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
This is one of the longest running and rather unusual gay bars in London, specialising in the older man and other men who admire him. A slight name change hasn't really changed the character of this place, although it's had a bit of a face lift. If you are an older gay man or you want to meet older gay men, this will be a world beating five pinter. Otherwise... well, it's horrifically expensive, the beer is crap, the manager is rude and the chavvy rent boys can be downright frustrating. On the upside, the bar seems to be permanently inhabited by some real 'characters' and has a lot less attitude than most gay bars and some thoroughly nice people among the regulars. And you get the amusing sight of tourists walking in from Oxford Street, walking up to the bar... and then walking straight out again when they see two seventy-something men snogging in the corner. Although on our recent afternoon visit, the tables outside in the newly pedestrianised street seemed equally populated with business types, tourists and a few gay men.
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03 Jan 2013
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Bar staff treats younger visitors as potential rent boys and follows them into toilets in suspicion of action there... Meanwhile similar aged older blokes relieve each other at the urinals, which is perfectly fine by the same staff.

Just letting you know, if you fancy older company, that's what you will be treated like if you go there. Not young friendly at all.
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03 Aug 2012
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I came to this pub for a West End pint. The beer was off, I ordered a pint of real ale and it tasted of vinegar, so quite clearly a pub that does not look after its beer.I had to wait ages for a replacement pint as the bar staff were too busy joking amongst themselves. In addition to this the foreign bar man could not understand my northern accent, did not smile, did not say please or thank you, and other bar staff were busy flirting amongst each other and making crude sexual innuendos. A very unprofessionally run pub and particularly unwelcoming. Best avoided.
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07 Jan 2012
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I was refused entry by the bouncer and told that only regulars are allowed in after 9pm

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12 Old Quebec St, Marble Arch, London, W1H 7AF
020 7629 6159

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