The Bottlescrue, St. Paul's

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FAP Rating 2 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
There's so much redevelopment going on in these parts, that the City Pipe, despite having only been in this particular location for around eight years, seems pretty much to be a permanent a fixture nowadays, an island of stability in a sea of chaos, as it were. True, when the City Pipe moved from its previous location, there was bit of modernisation undertaken, out went the traditional spit and sawdust floor and in came clean, bare painted surfaces, brighter lighting and a modernish bar. But the 'Pipe's not really changed much since. There's still the usual wine, and pints of lager and Davy's Wallop - in pewter tankards - (hence this bar's valid inclusion in our esteemed guide) all at the usual City prices. It seems the clientele is also not much changed over the years, with successive generations of suited and booted office types, thronging the place - especially just after work and towards the end of the week and like most City pubs, it's closed at weekends. It's a bit of a bland place for us, but Wallop's not a bad tipple as ordinary bitters go, so if you're out with a bunch from the office in these parts, who are insistent on a wine bar, we can think of worse places than the City Pipe to visit.
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33 Foster Lane, St. Paul's, London, EC2V 6HD
020 7606 2110
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