The Colonies, Victoria

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FAP Rating 3 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
The best pubs in this area all tend to be tucked away in side streets and the Colonies is no exception. It's a vibrant place that's tailor-made for the after-office jar, and consequently fills up with local workers in the early evening. A good range of well-kept beers are all on the hand pumps, accompanied by a standard range of lagers and wines. Nice old wood panelling and cosy décor make for a warm atmosphere, but the laminate flooring looks and feels a little out-of-place. It's also a fine place to go on a sunny day, as the beer garden out the back proves very popular with the local workers. Don't bother on coming here at the weekend though - like many places round here, it's closed.
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04 Jul 2011
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Being around Victoria one summer afternoon and having some time to kill, I decided to try some of the pubs in the area. The first - 'Bag o'Nails' wasn't a particularly great experience and my first encounter with a Taylor-Walker pub, which seems to be a sort of even blander version of a Nicholsons.
Anyway, the official review of The Colonies describes a 'beer garden' so I thought it an obvious next stop. Unfortunately there was a sinking feeling as I approached - it was another Taylor Walkers! However it was slightly more pleasant inside, lacking the tourists of the Bag O'Nails - and anyway I was only interested in the beer garden. The Doom Bar was off so I resorted to another Bombardier - as before it didn't seem particularly well kept and had a weird aftertaste.
No matter - to the beer garden! An oasis of 5 picnic tables in a alley. So, if you're just going for a drink after work that's fine, but this ain't no destination pub. And there is a Shepard Neame across the road so I don't really see any need to come here at all...
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03 Jul 2009
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Some of the worst service I have ever encountered in a pub, a sentiment echoed by everybody on my table. None of the staff actually seemed interested in serving anyone, and when they did served people out of turn and with the least enthusiasm possible. Avoid!

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25 Wilfred Street, Victoria, London, SW1E 6PR
020 7834 1407

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