The Dovetail Bar, Clerkenwell

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FAP Rating 4 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
Like its sister pub, the Dove in Broadway Market, Hackney, the Dovetail Bar specialises in things Belgian - strong beer beer, moules frites etc, plus more esoteric Continental stuff such as Genevers and the like. While typical English pub fare (burgers and lagers) is available, the more curious pub explorer will revel in the huge range of Belgian beers and found on the pumps and in the menu - there will almost certainly be something for everyone. With an excellent food menu, the Dovetail does a pretty good impression of being Antwerp rather than London and is a refreshing change from the identikit bars and gastropubs in the area. The food is pretty good and priced for the area - i.e. not cheap, but not too expensive either and it's good quality. The service is excellent, they'll take your drink orders at your table (when it's not too busy). It gets pretty popular towards the end of the week with people who work in the area, and they often spill out onto the pavement. it's also one of the few pubs round here open at the weekend. The Dovetail is well worth seeking out if you want something different and a little stronger {Pavel Kwak anyone?)- and you feel disinclined to cross the channel to get it.
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06 May 2012
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Have been twice recently and had two completely different experiences, which may explain the mixed reviews here.

Once midweek - excellent service, knowledgeable and friendly staff and yummy food. Couldn't fault it. However...

Last night (a Saturday) - disinterested and aloof barmaid who, when asked which fruit beer she'd recommend - "I hate fruit beers" (!), then went on to mention another beer on tap "but it's only 5%". Really no interest or knowledge of Belgian beer and looked at me like I had two heads whenever I went to the bar. No table service at all, even though it wasn't busy.

Then, after last orders, standing at deserted bar to close tab and make payment - "The bar's closed" bellowed across the pub from a table of staff obviously wanting to knock off early. No apology when I explained I was waiting to pay, and surely they should have been doing the final rounds themselves instead of sitting chatting at a table? Really unprofessional.

A real shame - I doubt we'll go back, at least not at a weekend.
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15 Jun 2011
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The pub is just fantastic. The food excellent - some excellent burgers! The beer more choice than you could ever hope for and what seems like a different glass for every occassion. If it has a fault it's that they don't do a "session beer". Most pump products are 5% or over so its best to sip slowly if you want to prolong the evening. But I must admit I simply love this pub.

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9 Jerusalem Passage, Clerkenwell, London, EC1V 4JP
020 7490 7321

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