The Gipsy Moth, Greenwich

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FAP Rating 2 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
The Gipsy Moth, is an attractive looking pub sat in the heart of Greenwich, close to the Thames and the (not quite complete) Cutty Sark. By virtue of its location it is a vortex for the many tourists and weekend visitors who come to sample the delights of SE10. One of the loungey contemporary offerings from pub company Mitchells & Butler, it consequently benefits and suffers from this chain's features in equal measure. On the positive side you'll find a deceptively large and comfortable interior kitted out with a mix of styles, along with a damn fine beer garden. There is a decent selection of both lager and ale, while the wine list isn't too shabby either. Alas, any pub in this location would suffer with the crowds, especially on warm days, so the general understaffing can leave teeth grindingly long queues; indeed the position of the bar and the sea of huge beer taps doesn't help grab the attention of the already harried staff. Tables aren't wiped down with enough regularity, making it feel a little grubby while pots are left uncollected. M&B's food offerings have also gone downhill over the last few years and coupled with the constant influx of customers, don't go here expecting amazing food. Overall, our advice to enjoy the Gipsy Moth is to go midweek and avoid the food.
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27 Sep 2010
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I could not agree more with the other comments about the dreadful almost non-existent service at this pub, I work in Greenwich and used to go there from time to time but got increasingly put off by the appalling lackdaisical and frankly clueless attitude of the staff. Even when the place is empty you sometimes end up waiting at the bar for 5 mins before someone deigns to serve you, whilst they are off chatting and washing glasses. The bar layout and the way they will only serve people at the small part of the bar, resulting in everyone jostling for position is utterly ridiculous. As for weekends, well forget it - I wouldn't set foot in there, it's a living hell and so packed you would mliterally never get served. I have therefore sadly given up going to this pub, a prime location wasted on a badly run place with staff (and presumably a manager) who just don't care. Avoid like the plague!!
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08 Nov 2009
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God, it must have changed lots?? It was a great little pub 3-4 years ago when I lived down that way.
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16 Sep 2008
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Ok...having read the above comments I am relieved to find that it was not just me and my friends who thought that this is possibly the worst pub we have ever experienced.

It's a shame as the location and look of the pub promises so much. We visited last Sunday and found a table in the garden, ordered food and waited...and waited...and waited. Eventually a rather surly waitress (long curly brown hair, so avoid her) dumped two plates of cold food on the table. Then returned with cutlery which she also threw down on the table. We discovered that a blind man had washed the knives and forks as they were truly filthy. When challenged about this, she demaned that we hand them over, but stood there for mere seconds before storming off like a 14 year old in a tantrum. We were gobsmacked.

Having gone and fetched our own cutlery we tucked into to our, quite frankly overpriced meals to discover that two of them were really cold. My sister took them back to the kitchen to complain and request fresh HOT food. We waited for a further 15 minutes before my sister went to find out what was going on and she discovered our meals just sitting on the servery, going cold again.

The manager when spoken to was very rude and did not care at all that paying customers had a problem. The girl that served us (and I used that in the loosest of senses) had real issues and clearly was not a 'people person'. Why she was employed to deal with people is beyond me.

The message is therefore clear...avoid this pub unless you want to wait ages for drinks served badly by uninterested bar staff, and overpriced cold food served at the leisure of incompetent and childishly rude waitresses.

Oh, and the toilets were revolting...
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09 Jul 2008
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This is a dreadful pub in a great location. It seems to be run by the manager's friends, none of who are any good at all at actualy serving drinks or food, which is a bit of a drawback.

I have stood and waited to be served before, while barstaff stand and chat with each other, and then finally dispense dreadfully poured beer with little short of contempt. It shoudl be great, but it's little more than a social occasion for the staff, who are more concerned about how they look behind the bar, than serving anyone.

I went there with a friend one lunchtime, at her insistence, a few months back, because it had had a 'make over'. We had some awful, over-priced food, which took forever to arrive and was delivered to our table in the garden without cutlery or salt and pepper. Whe we asked for some, the response was, and I'm not making any of this up "I'm run off my feet - you can get it yourself. It's just inside the door."

On the way out, they asked us to fill out a 'feedback' sheet, to detail our visit, which we did, honestly, and as such didn't give it great marks. As we walked out of the beer garden, a bloke who I took to be the manager, came up behind us, with the sheets in his hand, tore them in half, and dropped them in the bin by the side of the pub.

"That's what I care about your opinion..." he said.

And that, in one, brief moment, just about sums up the service in this pub. Look at the number of people who all focus on the same problem. They're not all making it up...
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03 Jul 2008
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This is a pub which, in theory, should have everything going for it. Great location, quite nice inside, excellent beer garden and decent food. Its badly let down however by the service which is unbelievably bad. Even on the rare occasions that the place is not rammed full of people, the service at the bar is still ponderous in the extreme. The staff, as mentioned elsewhere on this page, also have something of an attitude problem. One to avoid.
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16 May 2008
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Well, I do agree that its rubbish but zero pints is a bit harsh. I'd maybe give it 2.

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