The Globe, London Bridge

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FAP Rating 2 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
Built in 1872 in an excellent location near Southwark cathedral and the Thames path, this place has plenty in its favour. Yet, despite the attractive exterior, the Globe disappoints somewhat. The interior looks and feels as though it has been refurbished recently, outlined by a high rail stocked with jars, bottles and pots. The pub is curiously short of seats. There are also no surprises behind the bar to distract your taste buds as trains rumble overhead. Made famous in Bridget Jones films, the Globe is a place to drop into rather than somewhere for an evening and it appears to give up completely at weekends, when it's seldom open. Disappointing.
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29 Jun 2011
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What a marvelous and beautiful Victorian pub -- on the outside. Inside, it is small, less than clean, limited bar, and almost no seating (two small tables and two or three snugs, each with 4 high stools. The back of the pub is set up for live music, although I don't see where they put the crowds. If you want to step back in time, visit and marvel at the pub. If you want a quick drink standing up, it's an acceptable place. If you want a sit-down and a natter with your bros, find another pub. Still, if you've never been there, it's well worth a quick visit.
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17 Mar 2011
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Along with the Market Porter, the Globe is definitely the best pub in the area. If you want a posh wine bar, there are plenty of other choices in the area. If you want 25 different real ales, choose the Market Porter. If you a good old fashioned local pub with good atmosphere, go the the Globe.

Especially busy on Friday nights (and during the summer), but always a good venue to meet up in.

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8 Bedale Street, London Bridge, London, SE1 9AL
020 7407 0043

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