The Goat Tavern, Kensington

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When a pub lays claim to 300 years of history you would be entitled to expect olde world charm and bags of character. Unfortunately, with the Goat Tavern you only get an average, at best, tourist pub for those unable to find their way off the High Street. On first impression it looks so welcoming, with natural light filtering into the front of the bar through a large bay window. The three tables here do provide a pleasant enough place to sit, though make sure you don't get hungry. Food is only served in the dining area so we had to squeeze onto the end of a table, leaving the front section deserted. The Goat also needs to improve its service - getting a drink requires plenty of patience, even when no-one else appears to be waiting.
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28 Dec 2013
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I read the numerous negative comments about the Goat Pub on this forum, but to be honest I have used this pub on quite a few occasions and I have always found the food to be of good quality and the bar staff polite and provide a good service. As for the comment about not being allowed to have a meal when seated in the bay window area that over looks the High Street well all I can say about that is what a load of rubbish, all the meals that I have had at the Goat Pub have been in the bay window area and this includes when they have been very busy at meal times, furthermore the tables in the bay window area have menus on them so what would be the point of putting a menu on a table if you were not allowed to sit down and eat there?. Like with all peoples experiences they vary from person to person but they are not as bad as some of these reviews are making out, I think that some people are just to picky and cannot simply enjoy a pub for what it is!
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03 Oct 2011
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Not a bad place, but is far from the level of other pub in the area.
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29 Jun 2011
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"Squeeze" was right. Probably the most unpleasant pub I've been to in London: tight fit, crowded, unpleasant staff; I can't even remember the drink.
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19 May 2008
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A tourist pub, Cold bar staff and Gaming machines next to the bar ruin the atmosphere

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3a Kensington High Street, Kensington, London, W8 5NP
020 7937 1213

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