The Grapes, Limehouse

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FAP Rating 4 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
We love this old place. The Grapes is a quaint, narrow, little pub in a very old terrace on the north bank of the river at Limehouse. There's a tiny balcony at the back that you can squeeze onto, if you're lucky, and enjoy views of Limehouse Reach and Rotherhithe. There's been a change of ownership recently - the Lord of the Rings statue in the corner providing a clue to the identity of one of the new owners. However, aside from the walls looking a little bare, thankfully not a lot has changed here right now. The beer is still decent, the service friendly and efficient, but the currently unadorned walls make the old pub feel somewhat spartan - it's lost the cosy feel it used to have. We're pretty sure this is only temporary, but for now the Grapes is not quite up to its previous five-pint status. This is one of our all-time favourite pubs - anywhere - so we'll be back pretty often to check on progress. Watch this space.
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19 Jun 2013
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I have drank in this pub when visiting London for many years and often meet friends there.
But we wont be going back after the insulting behaviour from the bar staff on our visit last weekend.
A group of six of us had met in the back room and we had spent over £100 on 5 rounds of drinks when one of our company accidentally knocked a glass of red wine over across our table. The drink did not hit anyone else and the glass did not break but we were then told that we would not be served.
Top award for insulting staff, its almost as if they dont want your business anymore.......
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01 Nov 2012
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A narrow, tidy building, back veranda for 12 people on a sunny day, and good atmosphere inside, decent pint. Sunday, most tables booked for the food. This would be a 4 pinter if the staff were a little happier . . . & it seems that will happen when: - the fridge is fixed - the leak in the pipes is fixed - etc. - etc (it went on). Apparently needs some TLC by those with the pennies.
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06 Nov 2011
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Great Pub..Great food...Great Ale...Great location...Great Staff...nuff said!
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31 Jul 2011
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Went here p.m. of Saturday 30th July 2011 after a guided tour walk around Limehouse. A very small pub with great charm. Don't expect too much; it's a pub to have a few pints in and move on. Didn;t try the food, but we observed many customers tucking-in to some good looking dishes. The seating is very limited by the river, but cute. Bar staff lady was very good, helpful and herself, cute. A place to visit with friend and/or visitors. They will love it's charm. Recommended.
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16 Feb 2010
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I'm in agreement with the first reviewer, and think it's a lovely pub full of character. You do feel like you're in a Dickens novel, and that in itself makes it worth a visit.
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30 Sep 2009
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I am somewhat puzzled by the glowing comments made about this pub in the past. The pub is architecurally and decoratively from the standard Victorian/Georgian London Pub family with a stained, polished bar and the usual assortment of ales and lagers arranged around a horseshoe bar in a small form factor opening onto a terrace on the Thames.

Unfortunately the decor and apparent ambience is not matched by the service from the bar staff under the management of the redoubtable landlady Barbara. I was told that the arrangement of newspapers, flyers, glass collection area and drip trays was in a fixed arrangement causing only 10% of the entire bar area to be available for putting down your pint and/or handbag without either getting them soaked in previously poured drink or moved by the bar staff so as to not cause the tourist paraphenalia to have to be moved out of place.

After making a complaint to the bar man about the shoddy service, surly attitude, lack of drinking space and the prolonged absence of the landlady in person to disuss problems ("Don't bother phoning next week, she won't be in fr a while"), I left my unfinished, warm and slightly off pint of Guinness on the bar to follow my friend who had left half of her white wine spritzer (thats with Soda Mr Barman by the way) on the bar after being told to move her handbag off the bar and onto the wet drip tray to the bar up the road. When we got there we were told that a lot of people come into that bar with complaints about the Grapes attitude to paying customers. For me the pub barely gets a mark out of ten at all.
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15 Oct 2008
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This is arguably my favourite pub in London!

The first time I went, I actually arrived early, as I wanted to arrive in good time for a days drinking with dear friends. My friends were tarrying further west, so I knocked on the door at 11.15am, and they were not due to open until 12.00pm, but they let me in anyway!! A great start!

Inside, it is as unspoilt a pub as you will find, with true character, and you immediately have a joyous surge in your heart, if you are that way inclined. There are numerous oddities and pictures dotted about the place, including a smattering of lovely colour drawings depicting some of Dicken's characters.

Dicken's is believed to have frequented here as a boy, and the pub certainly still has a Dickensian feel about the place.

If you can get onto the decking at the back of the pub, which overlooks the Thames, with the soft crashing of the waves under your feet, then you are in for a relaxed afternoon. The docks have changed much over the years (The lightermen have long since gone) but it is still a lovely spot.

There are decent Ales on tap, whilst we also sampled some rather strong bottled cider which I had never encountered before, but which does account for my state futher into the evening's proceedings.

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76 Narrow Street, Limehouse, London, E14 8BP
020 7987 4396
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12:00pm to 22:30pm

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Whether you’re after a quick lunch, a romantic dinner by the river or just a friendly greeting in your local pub, we’d love to welcome you to The Grapes in Limehouse. 

Overlooking the Thames, in a peaceful neighbourhood not that far from the bustle of Canary Wharf, The Grapes is one of the oldest pubs in London. Charles Dickens was a patron, and even made reference to the pub in his novel 'Our Mutual Friend'.

Whilst our history goes back over 500 years, our menus are a little more up-to-date! If you're looking for something quick and tasty like a pie and a pint, you’ll find tempting pub grub downstairs in the bar. Upstairs in our intimate dining room you'll discover sumptuous white-linen service for both lunch and dinner. And if you're looking for a venue for your Christmas lunch, we have a feast Dickens himself would have been proud of.



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