The King's Arms Hotel, Brentford

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Close to Brentford station and football ground this seems like a handy and possibly congenial local boozer, which also offers accommodation. Looks can deceive. It may be that match days or the 6pm commuter rush sees this place straining with a jolly crowd with the staff struggling to cope, but this seems very unlikely. We've dropped in at 10pm on a Wednesday night, and on a Friday night, and the busiest we've seen it there were just 2 sad souls at the bar. You could hear a pin drop. The landlady was friendly enough, offering samples of two cask ales, only one of which was drinkable and that only just. Taking a seat was out of the question - the tables were already set for breakfast. We assume the place keeps going by offering accommodation to those who find the charms of the nearby A4 irresistible. A local told us that we were lucky to find the place open - a point that really is open to debate.
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22 May 2012
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The Kings Arms is an establishment which remains busy and prosperous owing to one quality, and one quality only - proximity. It's so close to the train station that you can watch your train pull into the platform from the bar and still have time to down your pint, run over and board before the whistle blows. It therefore largely trades on evening commuter traffic - it's the only pub close to several large suburban office towers - and gets fiercely busy on Thursday and Friday nights. Like all transport pubs it doesn't need to develop a reputation or a cadre of regulars for its success - it's repeat business is founded on a captive clientele with nowhere else to go.

The interior is cheap and garish, furnished with artificial houseplants. When empty, which it frequently is outside of peak hour, it's revealed as tired, sad and completely bereft of charm. It's just a room with booze and chairs. The beer itself is simply woeful. It's poorly kept, and every pint I've ever had here numbers among the worst I've drunk anywhere. You're advised to drink from bottles only, and to not trust the pumps.

The food is standard, but the ham, egg & chips redeems it somewhat by being cut from the bone, which you don't get very often. The beer garden is rather good, and it has radiators for winter. Also, it does rent out rooms, which may come in handy if you miss the last train home.

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19 Boston Manor Road, Brentford, London, TW8 8EA
020 8560 5860

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