The Library (ex Cedar Rooms, ex Lush Bar), Highbury

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FAP Rating 2 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
So, just when we were getting used to this one as the Cedar Rooms, it's been relaunched as The Library. We've done the sums and we reckon this is the sixth name change in eight years. And what is it like now? Well if you were to imagine, for a moment, what a place called "The Library" might look like, what comes to mind? You'd think, at least it might include some books - perhaps an Edwardian drawing room theme, for example. As far as we can see (admittedly we never ventured upstairs) alas no. The main change is the colour; he old uplit orange flock-style border has been replaced with a more muted affair and the old fireplace is now working, too. Nevertheless, those with less good memories would be forgiven for thinking it was virtually identical. For all the good it's done they might as well have kept the decor, name and furniture it had last year. Or eight years ago. It was very quiet on our Thursday night visit (three people, excluding ourselves) and the smell of paint was still heavy in the air, indicating it's still early days here. We're sure it picks up on weekends with the help of a late licence, but were beginning to wonder if this location isn't cursed.
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23 Oct 2012
Rating 2 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
I really want to like this pub, as it's on my route when I'm in Islington on business, and it's open late.
However, it suffers from staff who are more interested in talking amongst themselves than chatting to the punters. Even just a hello is acceptable rather than blanking customers and then just uttering the price of their drink in a dull monotone.
It was fairly busy when I was there, yet noone was at the bar. A barman holding someone's credit card while he waited for a colleague to finish using the card machine refused to take my order for a single gin and tonic because he "was serving someone". Standing still doing nothing is not serving someone.
His rudeness and the skanky toilets mean I will be passing by this place in future. It's a pity, because there is potential here.

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235 Upper Street, Highbury, London, N1 1RU
020 7704 6977

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