The Old Ale Emporium, Turnpike Lane

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FAP Rating 2 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
It almost feels wrong to refer to this pub as old' after a recent refit, which has brightened up the interior and provided a much-needed covered area for smokers. However, with London Pride and Deuchars IPA, and two guests, it definitely justifies the word ale' appearing in its name. This has recently been recognised by Cask Marque accreditation. The OAE is set up perfectly for the viewing pleasure of its patrons, with three TV's in the bar, and a strategically placed screen to ensure those outside can catch the action. A recent visit saw them show two separate games at the same time, drawing a large crowd that the bar staff coped with more than adequately. The small back room, which felt like it was wasted before, is now much more inviting, though the one consequence of taking a chunk out of the front of the pub is that the main bar does feel a bit more cramped than before. Still, we think they've done a good job with the improvements.
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19 May 2012
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I went there with a friend of mine on the 19th of May 2012, they were showing a match on telly, was quite busy. We were standing up, my friend bought a pint, I didn't want to drink anything since I only went there for 5 mins cause I had a headache, I live very close by. A bald man who was sitting by the bar asked if I want a pint, I replied that this is very kind of him but I'm ok, as I'll go in a min and I have a headache. Then he asked me again, to have something. I repeated that I only came for a few mins to accompany my friend and I'll be leaving shortly, thank you. You see up to this point I was not aware of the rule that you have to have something if you want to stay there, which is fine. He told me that I have to have a pint or leave, while the man behind the bar waved at me showing me the door, if I don't want to drink anything. I said that I only came for a couple of minutes anyway because I have a headache. The bald man sitting by the bar replied "You can't stay here if you won’t have anything. You either have a pint or f*ck off". I replied to him “thank you very much Sir, you’re very polite!” to which he replied “yes, I am polite”. So i ask, give my one good reason why I would want to go there again...? Rude and demoralising staff, sorry guys your pub may look cool but you failed to show me that it can be fun too.
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06 Mar 2011
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When I was there in Feb 2011 one of the guest ales was a "banana bread beer", which was one of the best things I've ever tasted. If they manage to source Ales of that quality with any degree of regularity this pub should be way more than a 2 pinter. Also worth noting is the excellent selection of bar snacks (all types of nuts, bacon/scampi fries, twiglets, pork scratchings, posh crisps etc) which are becoming all too rare these days, and which I find preferable to forcing the humble drinker to order wedges and salsa or other such nonsense. The service is so good that on a crowded football day you can stand 5 rows back from the bar, wave a tenner in the air, and they will spot you and serve you within 20 seconds; old school pros.

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405 Green Lanes, Turnpike Lane, London, N4 1EU
020 8348 6200

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