The Phoenix, Victoria

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FAP Rating 3 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
This has been fairly consistent for a while now and we can't say that it's likely to change as it does a lot of things right. The decor is light and airy - but not antiseptically so - and the rear patio is charming. There's real ale on the taps, decent wine list and a pleasant enough menu. However, as with most places in the area, it fills up with office workers at the usual times. Unfortunately all the hard surfaces make it pretty hard to talk at a reasonable volume when it's busy (it can get very busy) and on these occasions we prefer to drink elsewhere. Still, lunchtimes and afternoons can be quite pleasant here.
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04 Jul 2011
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Spending a hot, sunny afternoon investigating some of the pubs in Victoria I was getting a little peckish. The two previous pubs I had visited were sub-par but I had high hopes for The Cask and Glass - a Shepard Neame and - yes! - a sign advertising lunchtime food outside. However, on inquiring inside apparently the sign was decorative only - the pleasant bar girl directing me to The Phoenix down the road.
So I walked into this expensive and blandly well-decorated gastro-esque pub filled with suits (shouldn't these people be in the office at half 2 on a Monday?) and local posh types looking posh and speaking posh.
I have to say that a perfect pint of Doom Bar was by far the best beer of the day and the outside area was pleasant enough. Oh well at least the food must be good. I ordered one of the cheaper options on the menu; an open steak sandwich with fries for ~£10(!). To call what was served up 'steak' pushed the definition to the limits. I got two cold thin rubbery circles of meat cooked to within an inch of their lives. If it had been advertised as roast beef sandwich, came with two slices of bread instead of one (austerity Britain?), and was half the price this might have been acceptable.
So my conclusion is: ok for a drink, don't eat the food - maybe try the Cask and Glass instead. Shame as their website still shows a cool quirky pub which they seem to have done a thorough job of erasing all personality from. Unless the personality is a slip-on loafer, stamping on a human face forever.
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30 Nov 2009
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ancient times, the phoenix was amazing. I´ve spent really good times there having crazy parties with the manager, the Italian barmaid and that crazy spanish chef, Ed, who also was a fantastic dj and performance every fryday night. I came round Phoenix about a month ago and everything was different. No familiar faces around me... :(

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14 Palace Street, Victoria, London, SW1E 5JA
020 7834 3547

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