The Phoenix, Denmark Hill

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About twenty years ago there was a fire in Denmark Hill Station ruining part of it. This part was then renovated as a pub, one of the early Firkins, the sixth in fact - The Phoenix and Firkin (Phoenix - geddit!). It was apparently a fantastic pub so you can imagine how the disappointed regulars became when it was then changed to an O'Neill's. Now, however, following a recent refurbishment it is again a really nice place. It's a bit posh and snazzy but it still has some of the original features such as the plain brickwork and the huge clock that hangs down in the middle. (It doesn't work - but that might have been asking a bit much!) The Railway element gives it character and interest and there's always something going on. There's a comfy upstairs seating area where you can sit and watch everything that's going on downstairs, and funky music adds to the enjoyable atmosphere. There's an excellent choice of beers, bitters and wines, and the food is good. To top it off the service is good. Given its prime location, you'd expect it to be livelier than it currently is but, maybe that's the effect of being in a railway station.
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28 Apr 2012
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Used to be cool & edgy with fab music on fridays. But now it all stopped it seems.
As per previous reviews, staff isn't the best in the business so without good music, I can't see the point of this place to be honest
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16 Feb 2009
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Shame this pub gets it (punters) delivered on a plate (train?) as it means the basics are not looked after.

It's horribly unorganised - take a 1 minute snapshot of the bar staff on a Friday or Saturday night and you'll get the picture - it's like watching a British Laurel & Hardy film. When do get a chance to interact with the staff and order - they are incredibly arrogant for people who pour drinks (and badly with it). Worse if you get the "supervisor" who makes sure you now who gets another 50p an hour.

Keep an eye on what's being made after you order to make sure you get what you ordered. Worth checking your end of night tab. One of those places where they will begrudgingly correct a mistake, although make no mistake, they will not be in the wrong, and they will be doing you a favor to correct it.

Food is a bit hit and miss, although cheapish when we used to go, if only because they have some after work promotions on platters.
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13 Jul 2008
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Nice place. Nice environment. Staff attentive but not over the top. Nice selection of beers and wines to go with the lagers. Food pretty good too.

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Windsor Walk, Denmark Hill, London, SE5 8BB
020 7703 8767

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