The Pipeline, Bishopsgate

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FAP Rating 3 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
When you're billing your bar as the happiest place in London, the last thing you need is a cynical reviewer turning up. But we work undercover, so perfected our smile, donned a fake moustache and went about our business. Our first surprise was to see three ales among the beer selection, and while deliberating we started to get a flavour of the quality of the jukebox too. Neil Young, Black Sabbath and AC/DC were among the artists that hit the spot. Both pool tables are set in acres (exaggeration) of space, so there is none of the usual bashing people in the groin with a cue scenario, and two pinball machines provide alternative entertainment. The ground floor space is very open, with a loungey area through to the right, and a series of black and white pictures of famous musicians on the walls as well as a quote from Motorhead's Ace of Spades around the top of one room. Lemmy adorns the door of the Gents to continue this theme. There is regular live music and comedy downstairs, and did we mention the interesting Scandinavian menu? No, well we have now. Note: this doesn't make it a Swedish bar, as some sources are claiming. There is also an extensive whisky selection to the left of the bar which we're planning to go back and sample. It is perhaps almost too pristine for a rock bar - although the white and black colour scheme and pink neon did give us momentary flashbacks to the 80's - but it provides a nice bridge between the city and the trendier areas to the east.
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28 Mar 2014
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Good music, good TV's, and good range of spirits, but pints pretty awful and staff disinterested.
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21 May 2013
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I arranged a stag night (well, all-dayer) last year. It was while the Olympics were on, so summer 2012. We had planned to get there in the afternoon and pretty much stay there till last knockings. I picked this because not everyone in the party were rockers but the groom and many of the stags were, including me. Didn't want anything too dingy because wanted to cater for everyone. All of us were at least in our 30's and most of us older, so none of us are drunken louts and are relatively well behaved.

My main problem with this place is the owner. We got there about 3 o'clock on a Saturday and there couldn't have been more than about 6 people in there and most of them looked like tourists who would have had a drink or two then left. You'd have thought that a party of about 20 would have been welcomed and they would have tried to keep us in there but you'd be wrong.

They had the olympics on the big screens, along with the sound and had the juke box off. We're in a rock bar and we want to hear rock music and there's already zero atmosphere.

I ask the barman politely if we can have the juke box on but he says he can't do that. I ask what I assume is the manager if we can have the juke box on, perhaps leaving the olympics on the big screen. He says no, as it 'would spoil it' (meaning the viewing of the olympics). Already, I don't like his attitude so I pull out the whip-round which is a good few hundred pounds in cash and say; "that's a shame, as we've got all this money to spend". All he has to say to this is "good luck" in a dismissive manner.

I had nothing more to say at this point. I told the guys about this exchange and the general consensus was that we finish our drink and leave, which we did. We left him with the 3-4 customers that were left.

I think that says everything you need to know about the management here. I doubt this place will be open much longer.

If you want a decent rock pub, I'm afraid there's just nothing better than the intrepid fox. The atmosphere is amazing and very friendly. The staff are actually pretty decent, although admittedly there aren't enough of them for the amount of people they get in on a Saturday. You can tell they actually want to be there and how many times do you see that?
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03 Apr 2013
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Finally a decent rock pub in London. The Intrepid Fox in Covent Garden, and the Hobgoblin in Camden get a decent rock crowd, but are let down my rubbish drinks and poor staffing.

This place plays decent rock music, and has a great range of lagers and ales. Even has a wall of about 30 single malts behind the bar. There are Pinball machines, a pool table, and the staff and management are friendly. Service is quick from one of the numerous Swedish bar staff. In the music venue downstairs they have had Japanese rock bands, and other rock bands you wouldn't normally see in London.

Can get a bit 'suity' mainly due to its location, but have noticed more and more rock types going here.

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94 Middlesex Street, Bishopsgate, London, E1 7DA
020 7377 6860
Opening times
Mon-Wed 12:00-24:00
Thu-Fri 12:00-01:00
Sat 16:00-01:00
Sun Closed
Please check opening times with the pub before making a special journey.

Quiz night - yes


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