The Punchbowl, Mayfair

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FAP Rating 2 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
The Punch Bowl was a long-standing favourite of ours, so we were a little perturbed by the celebrity hoo-haa surrounding the pub's ownership and even more worried about the consequences of the refurbishment. We needn't have been so anxious - at least about the refurb. If anything, the pub looks a little darker and a little more distressed than its prior incarnation, which actually suits the place. We felt the earlier version was rather too manufactured looking with its modern old-style furniture and unsympathetic lighting. Although it was probably too much to expect the old wooden partition between the public and saloon bars to be reinstated, however the overall effect of the work is pretty much in keeping with this old building. The beers are much the same as they were, with stalwarts such as Pride and Bombardier on the hand pumps. Prices are somewhat elevated, especially the wines, but it's not as if the locals around here can't afford it. But it is a much more popular place than it previously was. Perhaps due to the closure of the the Red Lion around the corner, or maybe the influx of celeb-spotters hoping for a glimpse of someone to tweet about. Whatever the reason, you can usually expect the Punch Bowl to be pretty crowded inside and out - apparently much to the dismay of the local residents. As a result, if you've worked up a thirst, you may wish to reconsider a quenching it in this venue.
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14 Mar 2012
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It was with both reservation and anticipation that I made my first visit to this Guy Ritchie owned pub (I’d heard that drinks are expensive but a friend had reported seeing Robert DeNero at the bar. I repeat, DeNero at the bar).

Taking lock stock of the place from the outside the pub really sticks out; literally protruding further than other buildings in the road, and also on account of it’s bold black and white frontage, topped with a fine floral display on the low level roof.

Inside this is the ideal place to come out with that detestable cliché ‘touch wood’; there’s loads of it to get your mitts on in the hope that Lady Luck will spare you from getting a round in here.

For indeed, the rumours are true, the prices here are tasty. Tastier perhaps than the limited selection of lagers and ales served on tap. But hey, this is Mayfair and to be expected.

On the plus side, the pub is very accommodating.

The decoration is fitting for a traditional English pub, with both a hint of patriotism (portraits of The Queen and Churchill), and perhaps some indication of the propriotor’s hobbies (one picture depicts some strung-up pheasants, quite possibly despatched by the Governors two smoking barrels).

The toilets are nicely tiled in period style, and the Punchbowl have not skimped on creature comforts; the Roots and Wing , grapefruit and mint hand wash contains 76% organic ingredients and the Dyson hand drier outclasses most of the other pub driers you’re likely to encounter.

The staff too have been given the treatment and can be seeing in matching shirts and blouses that are worthy of a Jermyn Street tailors.

In terms of food, the Punchbowl’s website champions their Head Chef, Thomas Bridgewater and confirms that ‘his ethos on food is simple, quality food, locally sourced produce, seasonally changing menus’.

I caught sight of enough clean plates to get the distinct impression that they are perfectly entitled to big-up Mr Bridgewater. The menu is fully downloadable from the website.

Now there have been some press headlines regarding complaints from local residents in relation to noisy punch-drunk punters spilling out and disturbing the peace.

Management have got that covered with some well placed and extremely polite placards asking patrons to depart quietly out of respect for local residents.

Although my visit was during the daytime, I’m advised that The Punchbowl have some gentlemen on the door in the evenings to ensure that customers are swiftly moved on (I like to imagine that they must resemble Vinnie Jones hoping Gazza’s outstayed his welcome).

All told this pub offers great character and is well worth a visit.
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24 Dec 2011
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Over priced beer served in dingy environment, a hyped boozer if ever there was one, theres a nice building over the street which seems to be the high point of drinking outside.
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20 Jan 2010
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If a bog-standard London boozer rammed with 12-year-old girls and charging four quid a pint for Spitfire floats your boat then Madge and Ritchie's gaff is for you.

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29 Aug 2008
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Avoid this place like the plague unless you think £3.90 for indifferent Courage Best is good value. I thoght that the blond behind the bar was joking until she charged the next bloke £4.90 for Speckled Hen and a bagf of crisps!

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