The Railway Tavern, Hackney

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posted by pubdog on 08/02/2011

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We'd noticed the railway had been given a lick of paint and been smartened up and there were boards outside proclaiming morning coffee and WiFi, so we thought we'd have a look and see what's been happening here. However when we walked in, we were confronted with a scene that could have been painted by Hogarth or Bosch or engraved by Doré. There was a cacophonous and clamourous crowd of males in leisure apparel and females in hardly anything, who appeared to have been going at it, full tilt, for most of the day (and it was only early evening). Trepidatiously we walked over to the bar, where, over the tumult, we were informed by the bar person - who was in the process of pouring a pint - that the pub was closed. Somewhat relieved, we made our way to the exit, feeling at least we'd done our duty for our FAP audience and when we walked past the pub again an hour or so later the pub was indeed closed and the cast of the Inferno were decanted on the pavement outside. It may have been a one-off event, but on the basis of experiences that evening, it'll take a lot of persuading to get us back inside the Railway again - there are plenty of alternatives around here.

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339 Mare Street, Hackney, London, E8 1HY
020 8985 4184

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