The Rake, London Bridge

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FAP Rating 3 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
In addition to being the only pub actually in Borough market (for at least 100 years), the Rake also claims to be the smallest pub in London and, in our experience, that claim seems to have some substance. The addition of some decking with outdoor seating adds another 200% or so to the available drinking space, which in summer is handy, but a little less useful on a wet and windy winter's evening, although the heaters help. However, it is certainly worth risking a crush to experience some of the exotic and esoteric beers on offer. Founded by the beer specialists Utobeer, who have traded in the market for a few years, you'd expect something special and you won't be disappointed. The range on tap changes very frequently - so it's pointless listing any here as the likelihood is it will have changed by the time you read this - but rest assured, if you like beer, you'll find something you'll like. There's always something that's a cut above average and well-kept and if the pumps don't tempt you, there's an extensive range of bottled beer. Even if you don't fancy a beer, you can always sample the range of ciders and Genevers that's also on offer. And if you can't find anything you like here, may we offer you this alternative?
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29 Oct 2011
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The Rake was not our original plan. Our original plan was the Jubilee Market, followed by some cider bar in the market. Turns out we didn't know what time anything was going on, and arrived right as everything was closing (cider bar included, darn it!). So, friends and I adjusted and tucked into The Rake, which was so charming that I actually took a picture from my seat as I enjoyed a lambic and soaked in the conviviality around.

The Rake, I imagine, gets a bit chilly in the winter, being primarily an outdoor bar, but was wonderful for this time of year. They have an AMAZING selection of ales, including, quite right, some American beer! The taste of home was a welcome break from the overwhelming variety of other drinks and foods I had thusfar partaken of, and while the price was a bit higher than usual, that was worth it for knowing I could get beer bottled not far from where I live.

All in all, I'd gladly visit The Rake again, I'd bring friends there, I'd write on the walls, I'd try the local and the imports... I'd just do it all over and over. Brilliant.
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03 Jun 2009
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Great little bar at the back of borough market, with over 130 bottled beers to choose from, an ever-changing range on draught and in bottle, there's something for everyone. As far as being too popular 711, is there such a thing for a business as small as this, I am glad to see a small place doing so well in the current climate. Yes it get's overrun with city boys on a friday but surely you're not going to let a few arrogant eejits stop you from trying something fantastic...are you?
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09 May 2009
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Don't bother with this place on a Friday night.

If you can even force your way past the suits blocking the bar to a position where you might get served, the bar staff will likely be more interested in chatting amongst themselves than bother to serve you.

This might have have been a pleasant place to drink once, and I really wanted my first visit to be a good one, but the Rake is now so popular it's best avoided.
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24 Mar 2009
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An absolute gem of a place and as the previous poster said well out of the way of the beaten track. The taps and fridge are crammed full of bottle conditioned ales, American craft brews and sumptuous European lagers which put the horse-fizz to shame. Kick back on the small wooden terrace with a pot of parsnip crisps and talk the night away!

On a slightly personal note, I honestly don't mind the CAMRA crowd. If you're distracted or find yourself distressed in their precense then you may need to seek professional help as it is rude to stare and may well indicate some deep seated psychological condition/snobbishness.
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08 Oct 2008
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Top gaff. It's in the heart of borough but off the well beaten track. I spent a lot of my summer evenings here learning about lager! No really, i did. This is hop-head heaven without the beards, i saw stubble but no full on camra types. The choice lager that i have had on the advice of staff is the Alhambra brewerys 'Reserve', went down a treat in the pleasant yet compact beer garden.

Staff are ace, a nice mix of lads n lass's all with a beer knowledge that impresses. My friends and i were impressed by the no smoking policy in the garden (if the umbrella is up) which we think more pubs should consider. We even tried their basic range of foods, all sandwiches and all rather bloomin' gorgoreous, accompanied by interesting condiments, pickles and greenery.

I have put this boozer on the advisory list, i.e. a place i send visitors to london to for an interesting expereience.


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