The Salisbury Hotel, Turnpike Lane

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FAP Rating 4 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
Once a no-go care in the community pub, this one's been transformed into as good a recreation of as grand a Victorian pub as you're likely to see in London. It's a truly stunning achievement on the décor front but if you stop yourself gawping at the scenery you'll find it works as a practical pub as well. Behind the rebirth is the Remarkable Restaurants group, owners of a number of pubs in north and east London which can be identified by their esoteric jukeboxes (including here Charlie Parker, Led Zeppelin and The Stanley Brothers), stylish food and decent beer. Unlike your Wetherspoon makeovers, the budget hasn't been blown just on the furnishings - there's a little left over for some entertainment for the punters. There's a pub quiz on Mondays and DJs plying their trade later in the week. They've even had a string quartet in. Downsides? Well, if you're being picky the pub may take a bit of effort to get to (it's midway between Manor House and Turnpike Lane tubes), and the service isn't always as quick as we'd like, but if any pub is worth travelling to it's this one. This place is one of the best in North London for a Sunday Roast but make sure you pitch up early to get a seat near the fireside.
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22 Apr 2012
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We were three for lunch, the three of us got sick... I will never go back there.
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25 Oct 2008
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I've been a regular in this pub for the past 2 years and these two comments are totally incredible...sounds even personal and are totally out of place. What's wrong with Moonsky and Drinker? Sounds like they are writing about some other place!

I've been working in pubs myself before, so I can see that the only reason why the service might look slow is that the bar is huge and it takes a while to reach all the items. the bar staff is always polite,friendly and precise and the food is daily prepared and cooked with top quality ingredients (I buy my own food from the same shops...). As far as I can say every effort is made to make it a wonderful place to hang on and if someone feels so much against it, it might be because they just don't belong to it.
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29 Jun 2008
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Have been to the Salisbury a few times over the past 12 months, either evenings or for Sunday lunch. Unfortunately will have to say that our last visit will indeed be our last as the service is exceptionally slow and unfriendly and the food is generally of a poor quality at inflated prices. Whilst the outside of the Pub is certainly appealing, once you are inside you realise that it has been an illusion and you are stuck in a pub with the occasional stuffed animal, naff decor and sticky tables and chairs. As mentioned on other posts, the service is unbelieviably slow with bar staff unwilling to crack a smile and unable to speak basic English. The decor is in dire need of updating, its not any style in particular its just cheap and well worn out. The washroom facilities are damaged, contain graffti and I can vouch that the Gents’ smelled just as bad as any Whetherspoons after a busy bank holiday weekend - even more concerning when one realises that the Gents’ loos lead out on to the kitchen. Hard to appreciate, but if you have been there then you will know what I mean. The food leaves a lot to be desired for the price, each time I have eaten there I left feeling that I had hardly eaten, so it is good for dieters. On balance, the area is not a huge tourist hot spot so one can understand why they have let things slip.

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1 Grand Parade, Turnpike Lane, London, N4 1JX
020 8800 9617

Quiz night - quiz night Monday


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