The Speaker, Westminster

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Despite the Speaker's proximity to Parliament, Civil Service HQs and Channel 4's offices, this is a cosy little pub ideal for a few jars on a dark night. It has the feel of a friendly local, mostly due to the cheery owners who treat everyone as if they're loyal regulars. One of the best in the area, with an ever-changing range of ales, this one's certainly well worth hunting down. The only downside is the pub can get very busy at times (afterwork, towards the end of the week), although we suppose it just proves that a fervently traditional boozer such as this one can still rake in the customers.
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26 Jun 2012
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Still got great beer selection and an even better back bar with the inclusion of aworld beers catalogue, albeit with an emphasis on Belgium.
Food is trad pub fare and really the only downside is that isn't big enough!
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31 Jan 2010
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Last comment seems to be 2 years old! Nevertheless, it is still bang on for today. A pub where they remember you even if only an "occasional regular"; most importantly the beer is always good - two standards and two constantly changing cask beers that can sellout amazingly quickly. Still no TV/music etc - what a relief. but always bust and space limited so has am atmosphere. Staff amiable and pleasant, which is most unusual in central London. Food really is homemade, basic but tasty and good value. For the hands on touch should have seen the Christmas decorations - like entering space ship enterprise for lights! Well done to the staff for keeping the pub as it is - no need for gimmicks.

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46 Great Peter Street, Westminster, London, SW1P 2HA
020 7222 1749
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