The Swan & Mitre, Bromley

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FAP Rating 3 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
This pub is difficult to judge - it's one of those you will love if you're into what they offer, otherwise you'll probably end up steering clear. It is populated by a young, alternative crowd and it has been that way ever since the nearby Firkin (now O'Neill's) closed. This pub took over their custom and the same crowd keeps coming back. It has a very lively, jolly party atmosphere that's enjoyable without being overpowering. Everyone is having a good time here and even the smattering of older drinkers will be joining in the fun. But the major downside, is the maintenance of the place - it could really do with some attention. The toilets are disgusting and the pub in general has a rather scummy feel - something of which the clientele seem to have become used to. We suspect they've put up with worse. And, although the drinks are cheap and they do have a couple of ales on offer, they often run out and the wines definitely could be better. The pub's most promising feature, is the garden. It is only a patio area but it is big enough to accommodate many, walled, with heaters, even a pool table, and a handy synthetic roof that whizzes out at the press of a button. With the smoking ban now in place, this pub offers smokers a very good solution. It's already one of the most popular genuine pubs in Bromley, without being pretentious or threatening.
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23 Jul 2014
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I have been there once or twice now but I got to say it's got to be one of the worst places in Bromley. The so called "Features" they boast about are laughable as the restaurant and bar are the same thing so if your not having some drunk regular fall on you because he/she has been served to much and the staff cant say no and stop taking his money because that would be responsible thing to do then you will have small child running about from one of the dysfunctional families that brings their kid to the pub so they have to listen to staff and punters shouting "#UNT" and so on at each other and we wonder why kids a mess up these days. The toilets are also grim at best they do not get cleaned as none of the staff want to do it and well that it no other reason and why the hell is "Gay Friendly" even a feature?

The building itself is beautiful and the outside seating needs to be sorted but could be amazing if they put effort in but I can't stress this enough they need to get shot of the management and most the staff they have been there to long and really bring the place down they let nasty violent repeat offenders of many crimes in on a regular basis and often allow illegal activity to happen because the offenders are their mates.

I think fact that I have only been to this pub three times and have found this out is pretty much shocking but its kind hard to miss the guy a bench away from you smoking a joint and the bar staff just chatting to him about their day or the family argument with management that happens right in front of you. So in short new staff, new management, New lick of paint and you have a top class place to go but until then please go somewhere else as it's not worth the drama or your time.
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07 Nov 2009
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Update: The Swan is open. The closure of all pubs in Bromley on 3/11 was due to an incident in the Swan but the police were stretched because of an incident in Orpington so they they decided to shut Bromley down for the night!
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04 Nov 2009
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Latest: I was on the High Street near the Tom Foolery at about 5pm last night. The Swan had been the source of a double assault over the preceding weekend. Yesterday one victim died in hospital after being attacked by the side of the nearby cinema.

Last night police were in the process of closing early all pubs on that stretch of High Street as trouble - said to come from a contingent of "Albanians" - had kicked off big style in the Swan late yesterday afternoon (it is claimed that an east European couple had been insulted and assaulted by the dead victim).

The Swan and Mitre has not been highly regarded by people I know in Bromley for years: too many dodgy characters wanting cheap booze. If it doesn't remain shut after this double incident, I'll be very surprised.

The pub industry on its knees, and we all have to put up with this dreadful crap. Older residents of Bromley must be thinking of leaving.
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25 May 2009
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Note - no real ales at present - not enough custom according to them!

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260-262 High Street, Bromley, London, BR1 1PG
020 8460 5617

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