The Talbot, Dalston

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FAP Rating 3 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
The Talbot is a large, handsome Victorian pub, befitting its elegant Victorian environs. It's a typical early twenty-first century local pub - shabby squashy settees, bare boards, simple decor and decent fare on offer. Real ale aficionados are well taken care of with a small, but well-kept, selection on the hand pumps. If real ale isn't to your liking there's plenty of other choice - continental lagers, a good wine list, typical range of spirits and if you need more solid sustenance there's a reasonably priced, gastro style menu. In addition to the copious amounts of interior space, there are a few tables out the front and good-sized beer garden at the rear. A couple of decks provide entertainment at weekends. A recent(ish) change of management has seen the Talbot change a little in detail, but to most punters, the pub will appear to be substantially the place it has been for a while now. it's a decent local pub serving a good drop of ale.
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25 May 2014
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Went to the Talbot last week with some friends for Sunday lunch. Even though there can sometimes be a wait for food (possibly because they are unable to keep up with demand) it is still absolutely worth it. The meals were well priced, filling and delicious. Good selection of drinks as well as a friendly staff make this the ideal location for a roast with friends or family. We were so impressed that we are going back today for another helping.
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17 Mar 2014
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We had a drink on Friday evening at this pub and decided to try the Sunday roast there (yesterday). Wow, it is the perfect choice not only for fresh beer but for food lovers! There is nothing more to say. Service really cares and the atmosphere is super friendly. We will come back as soon as possible!
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18 Dec 2013
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I really don't understand the poor reviews here! This is by far the best pub in the area, warm, welcoming, friendly, well kept beer, fantastic food. A great local pub not yet ruined by the Essex and West London influx.
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06 Oct 2013
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Cute pub. nice staff. Mediocre food at best with high prices.
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05 Sep 2013
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The Talbot has everything you need and nothing you don't when it comes to a good pub in Islington. Its off the high street, so attracts the right crowd, has a lovely beer garden and tables out the front, is child friendly and deadset has the best Sunday roast in the area. The staff are friendly and well informed about the food and drinks on offer.
You easily lost track of time here in the best possible way.
Also, try the Bloody Mary!
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22 Aug 2013
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I LOVE this place! I have to laugh at previous misguided comments from people clearly not from this area. Having lived in and around de beauvoir for nearly ten years I can safely say I am in favour of their no stag do policies. The pub is extremely friendly and in the heart of the community as any local should be but at the same time. All at the Talbot, from locals, staff to the owners are extremely welcoming.
They always try to accommodate your needs and even have a dog bowl ready to be filled with water at the wag of a dog's tail! I suggest the fly by nights that have visited and turned their nose up are the sort that would be best suited to a an all bar one in the west end. I hope those of you that are in the area and want good service, a wide variety of beers and spirits and the best roast in town get on down to this gem!
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20 Aug 2013
Rating 5 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
There seem to be mixed reviews here but I can't understand why?
Just had a great Sunday roast & really enjoyed the pub. The waiter was very professional, the food bang on & the beer fresh & delicious.
It has an outside dining area & balconies from where you can see De Beauvoir Square will sipping your drink.
I wish more pubs were like this in the surrounding area.
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08 Jun 2012
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I work nearby the talbot,so I often pop in for a pint during the week with my friends.Love this pub!STaff is friendly, cosy atmosphere, good drinks selection.Food is amazing, the menu changes once a month, so you don't get bored with the same old stuff, international food, good value; wait for food is quiet long, as the kitchen is small, but there's a good selection of bar snacks that helps the wait. BEST BLOODY MARY IN TOWN!

The best part is the upstairs floor, with 2 balconies and table game available!
I went a few times in the week end, fridays and saturdays gets quiet busy, dj's on, nice atmosphere, maybe a bit difficult to find a seat;management gets quiet strict with noise/smoking area rules, but no surprise as is far from the high road, in a residential area.

Sunday roast is great! huge portion, tasty and there's a veggie option. Booking is a must as it gets busy for food. sunday's atmosphere is the best, kids and dogs are welcome, soft background music, smell of roasts and great bloody mary!
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06 May 2012
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It's the closest pub to ours so we've been there quite a few times, just out of laziness. They very inflexible and have a 'computer says no' attitude and in some occasions just rude. It's a shame pubs in this area are getting this attitude because of high demand. I would strongly advise against supporting this, please go elsewhere nearby, like the rosemary branch or the like
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09 Mar 2012
Rating 2 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
Went to Talbot a couple of days ago for the first and very possibly last time. It was Monday night and we arrived at around 7.30pm. The pub was nowhere near full. We tried to order some food only to be told we have to wait 30 minutes to be able to order because the kitchen is too busy!? We sat down with our drinks, and when more than half an hour had past, made a second attempt to order- no luck, we were told to wait another 15 minutes. Finally two of us were so hungry we went get some food in an Indian next door. When we returned half an hour later, our friends had still not managed to get anything to eat in the pub. Finally after 9pm they got their meals, which by the way were quite pricy especially considering the service, and portions were not great (fish & chips fish was very small compared to other pubs in the area). We were also told by the bar maid that “this is how it always is on Mondays”. In itself the pub is quite cosy and it’s a shame about the kitchen’s apparent incompetence.
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28 Feb 2012
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Sadly they wouldn't serve us a quick pint as had already called last orders 2 minutes earlier (10:30pm?) although the rest of the pub had full drinks. We went elsewhere.
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16 Feb 2012
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The Talbot is by far my favourite pub in London for a Sunday roast. The staff are friendly, the food is great and the atmosphere is really fun. They also do a great bloody Mary! Book a table if you're planning to go on a Sunday though as it gets really busy. We live locally and pop in whenever we fancy a post-work pint or quick dinner, the mid-week menu is also rather good. They're child friendly but also have good DJs on at the weekend so overall a great all-rounder! Would definitely recommend the Talbot.
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26 Nov 2008
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I live in the general vicinity of 'The Talbot' and would like to point out that it seems to have undergone some level of refurbishment and from what I can see, a complete rehiring.

We went in last sunday evening and had a great roast and they even had a DJ on. very nice!
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22 Jul 2008
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Myself and some friends spent last saturday night in this pub... the 19th July. My partner and I live on the same street as one of it's (now former) sister pubs, the Birdcage, and the Three Crowns, and always enjoy ourselves in both these pubs so were confident that the Talbot would be along the same lines. Sadly this was not so. It looks pretty enough, nice cosy interior, great roof terrace (although no ashtrays outside... a bit odd).

What really let this pub down beyond measure was the downright rudeness, sarcasm and snidey comments under not-so-hushed breath of the pub's staff. Three members of staff were involved, including the DJ, a male and a female barstaff. Not one of them broke a smile from the moment we entered the pub.

Let me make this clear... the place was DEAD, it was a saturday night, we were not being particularly rowdy but we were ordering very expensive drinks, rounds of cocktails and shots. They should have been happy to serve us.

We asked for the barman to make us a round of a particular cocktail that we drink in the Birdcage. He had the ingredients, and any good barman would be happy and willing to try out a new drink. Instead this was greeted by jeers from the DJ, who said "amazing what people put together", this was responded with "Amazing the twats that drink it" under the barmans breath.

Well blow me, what a warm reception. Probably their best customers that week and that the reception they give us. Frankly we were disgusted and will NOT be returning. Can't wait to tell our friends behind the bars in the Birdcage and Three Crowns, no doubt they will be pretty shocked too.

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109 Mortimer Road, Dalston, London, N1 4JY
020 7241 2995

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