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Ah, Putney Heath. Site of many a duel (including one featuring the then Prime Minister), its history also encompasses an experimental fireproof houseand a telegraph station and it's from the latter which this one takes its name (shame, as we think The Fire Proof House would make a great name for a pub). There's been some serious money thrown at this one to bring it up to speed with its affluent surroundings, and our initial impressions were rather favourable. It's certainly an upmarket venue, a self-styled 'Country Pub in London' (though don't over egg it folks - you're in Putney, not Harlesden). Quibbles could be made over the price of food and drink, but I doubt many of its clientele will feel driven to argue. We liked the fact that room on the pumps could be found for Everard's Tiger and generally got the feeling that walkers around the Heath might stop off for a quick snifter here and then find it hard to forsake the comfy furnishings. Shame then, that our visit found it acting as an (un)official clubhouse for a local rugby team. We fully understand that pubs have to cater for their local community, but the impression that we got was that if you pop in here on certain times, you'd best be dressed in a blazer and be ready to discuss all things oval ball related. If you can find it out of rugby hours then, fine. We didn't though, and felt we'd stumbled into a private event. Judging by this visit, only a two pinter then.
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28 Aug 2011
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Sunday afternoon was fine. Good food, poor menu, decent beer and fun quiz. Its a decent enough place, not as bad as the reviews here seem to make out. And if you have a dog, kids and want to watch the footie its great for all 3.
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20 Sep 2009
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Have been a local and a regular for a long tome but have really had enough now. Twice in a row they stopped serving food at a weekend in the middle of peak lunch times. Now their clientele is clearly there for the beer and the big screen footaball matches that end in swearing violently even when the place is full of kids crawling around on the floor on a Sunday afternoon. £7.50 for a glass of sauvignon blanc - you buy a few rounds and then try and order lunch and they tell they have stopped serving and you have to go somewhere else. Once was 1:30pm on Saturday and today was 2:30pm on a Sunday. Crazy idea trying to be all things to all people. You could have a good business if you did decent food reasonable service and charge more or less what you like for drinks but with NO FOOD spit and sawdust sports bar atmosphere mixed with a creche things are going to go badly wrong here.

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Telegraph Road, Putney Heath, London, SW15 3TU
020 8788 2011

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