The Wellesley, Waterloo

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FAP Rating 2 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
It was a bit of a culture shock to drop down the steep flight of stairs from the station concourse into this windowless basement to find this is actually quite a reasonable pub. A fairly spacious bar area is fine for the quick one between trains and gives on to a loungey section with more comfortable chairs, including a couple of the now mandatory squashy sofas. A good beer range on the taps is complemented by the usual lager suspects and a reasonable looking wine list. Food of the breakfasty-brunchy-burgery type was being wolfed down with evident enjoyment on one lunchtime visit - and, by the looks of it, by just as many local workers who'd chosen to come here as by the captive market of hungry travellers. Three TV screens should mean easy footy watching from virtually anywhere. In case you were wondering Arthur Wellesley is the bloke who won the Battle of Waterloo. OK, it's unlikely this pub will be our next pub of the year, but as that rarity in a London rail station - an honest, decent boozer - pay respect where respect is due.
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01 Jul 2014
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I should have realised what was ahead when, at 1pm on a weekday, this pub was almost empty. My friend and I ordered a cheese burger and a chicken burger, both of which were terrible. My burger was grey and overcooked, flavourless, and served in a stale bun. My friend's chicken burger, also served in a stale bun, was devoid of any flavour other than the coating. Not surprising as the amount of actual meat in it was miniscule. When asked by the staff member who cleared the table if the meal was all right, we both said "no" and my friend added that the chicken burger he had just eaten some of was "the worst he had ever eaten". The only response from the member of staff was "Oh", as he walked away. Given the price of the food, it was appalling value for money.

The chance of either of us ever going back - NIL!
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18 May 2009
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Terrible. Really, really terrible.

I visited this bar after a long day of golf at around 5.30pm on Sunday 17th May 2009. Having been playing all day I thought I would go in here quickly on my way home, have something to eat and watch the remainder of the football.

I ordered a green Thai curry and a real ale. When the curry arrived, the sauce was luke warm and the chicken was very cold (it was obviously frozen). I had to spit this into a napkin. The bar supervisor took the curry away an returned less than a minute later with the same dish (which must have been thrown in a microwave for 30 seconds). I told the bar supervisor that I did not want the meal as i had no confidence in it being prepared properly and wanted a refund.

This was denied. When I persisted I was told (by now 2 members of staff) that I was a liar and the food was not cold. I was told that I did not like the taste of the food and just wanted my money back. They told me that the chicken would still be "hard" if it had been frozen.

I can assure you the food was ice cold and the arrogance and lack of customer care was terrible. I was only refunded with my money when other customers urged them to repay the money.

I asked for the 2 members of staff names so I could complain about them and they did not seem to care (I am unsure if this is a family member run business).

The food in this bar is not prepared with care and I would urge anyone (especially those with children) to stay away from this bar. Hopefully it will be inspected by Health insectors soon.

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Waterloo Station, Waterloo, London, SE1 7ND

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