Three Blackbirds, Leytonstone

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posted by redcat on 26/11/2008

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This one's changed owners again, but we're hoping it's getting better. When we've been back, we'll let you know. 1/7/04 - septic - This troubled pub was recently taken over by new management, but it already appears to be looking again. The large, rambling pub cum club seems confused as to what it is, and the customers are too. It's got a trendy sofa and telly front bar. Fine. Then there's the "games room" which separates the pub from the cavernous room at the back - "Club Desire". We have to say it inspired little of that. If you get through the club, there's a massive garden out the back - the banner at the front calls it the 'Carnivore Garden for some reason. Still, it is fairly relaxed on a sunny day. No real beer to speak of other than the dark stuff. If any of these features appeal, then it's the place for you. Otherwise, we think you just have to be in the right mood. Or something.

Formerly a very rough pub indeed, the Three Blackbirds has now become the Taj Mahal Banqueting Suite.

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25 Nov 2011
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Have to agree with Lorraine, I drank in this pub for three years, years ago when Joe ran it and it was a fine pub. It was always packed the weekends and the atmosphere was always good, at the time the crowd was a mix of Irish and English and there was never any hassle.Have great memories of the place and am surprised to see it being described as a rough place. Lorraine are you the petite blond girl, if so you were a babe :) .It must also be noted that Joe was a fine pool player and but I beat him once but I hope he's doing well, he ran that pub well and took no shit.I was looking at the pub on goggle streetview the other night and it's sad to see that this once fine pub is now closed, there are many Irish people that still talk about this place as it was like a home from home for us at the time. great pub and memories
30 Apr 2010
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I am the daughter of Joe Gallagher and yes on occasion it was quite lively but not rough when we lived there because my father had the pub well under control along with the fabulous barstaff, you can imagine how we feel when we go past the pub now and see the demise of the property. But even though the years have passed we will always have our memories and no one no matter what they do can take that away. So a big thank you to those who remember.

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640 High Road Leyton, Leytonstone, London, E10 6RN
020 8556 5348

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