Torrington Arms, North Finchley

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posted by piranha on 6/7/2000

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The Torrington used to be one of those pubs that the casual drinker would avoid. It was dark, dingy, populated by middle-aged blokes and had minging beer. These days the Torrington is a completely different pub. A refit last year now means that the pub has both a yellow and blue exterior and interior. There are huge doors at the front that let in lots of light and open when the weather permits. The music is chilled dancey stuff, the sofa's are comfortable, the crowd amenable and mid-20's. The prices are reasonable and the service is good. They even serve a good pint of 6X. The rest of the beers and lagers are standard stuff - with an especially chilled Heineken Export that hits the spot in summer. Late license Thursday, Friday and Saturday mean that there are bouncers on the door, and, as in The Belgrave, there is a no entry after 10.30 pm policy.

Its been closed and sold. Half has been turned into a Starbucks and the other half into something called 'Oceans Bar and Restaurant'

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15 Sep 2011
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Years (actually, decades) ago, the Torrington was one of the remnants of the pub-rock circuit and as such, the back bar always had a decent line-up of live bands. For a while, the front bar fancied itself as being a cut above most of the other pubs in North Finchley (which, admittedly, were nothing to write home about), but a slow decline set in, from which it never truly recovered before finally closing.

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4 Lodge Lane, North Finchley, London, N12 8JR

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