Trolley Stop, Dalston

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From the outside we had high hopes. The ornate Victorian ironwork, stating its original name ('The De Beauvoir') was still intact and the large bay windows easily invite you in. Recently under new management, all the ingredients are in place to make this place great, but sadly something's gone wrong in the oven. From the sparse interior and strange-looking bar, to the odd chemical smell and the incorrect punctuation for the Ladies' toilet, nothing was quite right. The service was good and the Guinness well-kept, but its often a bad sign when the ale pumps are purely decorative. We also know the large back room was previously an alternative music venue, but didn't see much evidence of it still being a feature during our visit. Perhaps promoting themselves as a less pretentious rival to the overpriced Talbot down the road would draw the punters, because at the moment it's simply squandering some great potential.
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05 Apr 2013
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Turned into flats. Boujie boujie Dalston flats.
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03 Sep 2011
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Still closed - there has been building work going on for ages, with no apparent end in sight. Let's hope it eventually reappears as a pub and not yet another block of flats.
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18 Nov 2008
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have just moved nearby and this would have been my local...sadly it's not open any more and looks like it's suffered a pretty major fire as the front's there but there doesn't seem to be a back...

will be closed for some time, if not permanently.
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25 Jul 2008
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The Trolley Stop

Music Listings - March 1995

Wednesday 1st - Will Killeen - Bluegrass

Thursday 2nd - Zowie - Soul

Friday 3rd - The Few - Pop/Rock

Saturday 4th - Entourage - Blues/Soul

Sunday 5th - Piano Night

Monday 6th - Audition Night

Tuesday 7th - Andy Lloyd - Pop/Rock

Wednesday 8th - Lucy Ray - Rock

Thursday 9th - The Homertones - Blues

Friday 10th - G.B. 3 - Jazz & Blues

Saturday 11th - Daddy Longlegs - Soul & Blues

Sunday 12th - Piano Night

Monday 13th - Audition Night

Tuesday 14th - Jane Best - Pop

Monday 20th- Stone Country - Country/Blues

Thursday 16th - Chicago Shout House - Rock/Blues

Friday 17th - Jam Professors - Soul/Blues

Saturday 17th - Space Chickens - Pop/Rock

Sunday 18th - Piano Night

Monday 19th - Audition Night

Tuesday 20th - Pigmeat Pete Smith - Bluegrass/Country

Wednesday 20th - The Lonesome Bone - Bluegrass

Thursday 21st - The Dolmen - Progressive Rock

Friday 24th - Dino Baptiste and the Mystic Mile - Blues/Soul

Saturday 25th - Tony O'Malley Band - Blues

Sunday 26th - Piano Night

Monday 27th - Audition Night

Tuesday 28th - Walking Wounded - Bluegrass

Wednesday 29th - Anomie - Pop

Thursday 30th - Dunce - Rock/Pop

Friday 31st - Joli Blon - Cajun/Country

Music listings for July 2008:

Sweet FA!

Contact details
28 Stamford Road, Dalston, London, N1 4JL
020 7241 0581

Quiz night - quiz night Wednesday


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