White Hart, Southwark

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If you had splashed out on decent mid-quality - not quite G-plan, more like D or E-plan - tables and chairs all round and had a gaff that was generally spic and span you'd be none too pleased if your nearest and dearest then slobbed around the place in begrimed and besmeared (if the word exists) overalls. Yet we were entranced by the workman who fastidiously wiped the top of the bar stool before planting his track-suited bottom festooned with nameless bits of dangly crud. OK we're not snobs and it's the public in all its shapes and sizes that make good pubs what they are - but we expect good manners and sensible management. It's a smart enough little pub which despite its recent makeover appears to retain some of the feel of a local while all around is gentrifying - an easy stroll takes you to Tate Modern. We like island bars, wood floors, various prints, clocks and mirrors and a decent pint of Pride or IPA to complement the third millennium standard of yellow fizz and super-cold offerings. We like the suits mixing with the overalls, and this afternoon visit may have caught the White Hart on an off day - but we didn't really feel like sitting down to think about it.
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24 Apr 2016
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Dear The White Hart,

I would like to highlight an issue with the management team.

My complaint is about the forced closure of Pickles Cafe. This locals favourite has been closed for some weeks now for the 'supposed' extension to your pub. However, no action has yet to be made on your part making the place derelict. It was a cafe frequented by many locals and city commuters in the communuty and my voice represents the hundreds of people deeply upset and dissatisfied about this small family run business being demolished by this capitalist mindset.

I sympathise how petty my query might sound to your team, but in an everchanging gentrifying London it has actually become quite hard to get your moneys worth on a traditional English brunch.

I would be happy if it was converted into a section of your pub selling a similarly priced English breakfast. Although the authenticity and rust of the old pickles would have been lost. It would still go someway into pleasing the community and could in turn help your business as there is a busy lunctime trade which could increase profits.

I would appreciate a reply to forward onto others who are demanding a response and a complimentary meal for two.

My email address is: bradleywilson93@gmail.com

With Regards, Bradley
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16 Apr 2010
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The White Hart is a traditional, friendly, family run public house in Southwark, Bankside. The landladies take great pride in providing a fast service, with friendly reliable bar staff. So if you’re looking for a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of Southwark Street, or the uncomfortable jostle of trendier bars and tourist-trap pubs, then this delightful Victorian pub could be your perfect escape for you. The White Hart has an endearing ambience with its cosy secluded corners, wooden floors, and fresh décor with comfortable furnishings. At the heart of which is the turn of the century “island bar”. Lunch-time menu is from 11am to 3pm and there are a selection of real ales and wines besides the usual lagers and spirits.
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02 Mar 2009
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this is an excellent pub, run by the same family for 25 years. Veronica and Paul and Kay have made this place a friendly haven that is loved by a wide range of 'types'. No attitude, no pretensions - just pub. Sadly it has been closed for refurb throughout most of Feb 09 but is expected to re-open any day. Hurrah.
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05 Aug 2008
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One of the friendliest pubs in London. I've been in London a bit over 5 years and the White Hart is one that I will keep coming back to. Paul, Veronica and their mother are always friendly and helpful................even to us antipodeans !

Nick......and Tez

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22 Great Suffolk Street, Southwark, London, SE1 0UG
020 7928 8265

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