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FAP Rating 3 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
Since coming under new ownership in 2006, the Woodman has been a consistently pleasant place to spend a couple of hours. It helps that they were successful in removing the ne'er-do-wells who once occupied this pub (in part by getting rid of the pool tables) and consequently there's now a healthy mix of punters. The interior is elegant, with the original wood panelling predominant throughout creating a warm atmosphere while the extended beer garden is a pleasant enough spot, despite the traffic. Service from the bar staff is also extremely friendly and while we like the table service, it does seem to confuse some people. There's a reasonable choice of ale on - four during our last visit, with Greene King IPA and Bombardier the regulars here. The food quality is also excellent, and recent price hike has thankfully been reversed. This bit of Highgate has a quartet of reasonable pubs, but the Woodman is probably the most consistent and consequently the one we keep coming back to.
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30 Oct 2013
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I recently had my worst experience in over 30 years of pubbing at the Woodman. They pretend to serve food at tables as in a restaurant yet when we ordered I was asked if I wanted to leave my credit card behind the bar to run a tab. I said no, as I had a previous problem with card fraud doing that. They said OK. During the meal, I was then asked 3 more times to give them my card until it felt like extortion. In the meantime I had been presented with a bill before the food even arrived!

Wait, it gets worse. We were going to have a smoke on the terrace before dessert so I asked the bar manager if that was OK and explained where we would be. Within 7 minutes or so we had been accosted by two more bar staff and a bouncer demanding that we pay. Finally, I tried to explain to yet another bar manager, who yelled at me. It was truly disgusting, being treated like a thief.

Don't ever go to the Woodman unless you are happy handing your card over to a stranger to keep before you eat or drink anything.
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14 Sep 2011
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Having recently just moved into highgate village i walk past the woodman everyday coming from the tube . Recently a sign went up outside the pub advertising a new chef and new menu, so i thought i would bring my boyfriend and a few friends here to try it out. We chose a Sunday as we fancied a roast dinner and wanted to watch the football!

I was pleasently surprised with the layout inside the pub, although with it being a summers day we took full advantage of the garden and sat on the decking by the outside TV’s!

Within a minute of being sat down we were approached by a very helpful member of staff wanting to take a drinks order. (we were unaware they did table service!) She took our order and pointed out the soup of the day and which dishes were not available at that time!

After a few minutes another guy came out with our drinks asking would we like to pay now or run a tab – (we run a tab) following that we were ready to order food, so we called him over and told him what we wanted. (5 roast beef to be precise!) Promptly following this he brought us our cutlery and condiments and wandered back into the pub.
We were chatting among ourselves for a while and I’d say about 15 minutes later our food arrived, very nicely presented, veggies on a separate dish, you can clearly see that what we were about to eat was more than just your standard pub grub!

Once we’d all finished our food, the same girl who had served us previously came and asked if we had finished, and took out empty plates away, before asking if we’d like any desserts or coffees. We decided against this and just had another round of drinks between us to which she brought out.

Having finished our drinks and the footy had ended we took a stroll down to highgate wood, overall I would rate this pub highly and have been back since for the quiz on Monday Nights on a weekly basis! Lots of fun – I recommend anyone who hasn’t been to try it for yourselves!
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10 Jun 2011
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Great Location and fantasic beer garden. Three things let it down. The toilets are the worst I have ever been to they are always out of order and the smell is horrid. 2nd point is that on several occasions, Well almost every time I order a drink from the floor staff, I get the wrong drink. Although the staff are friendly you can never call it your friendly local as the staff change weekly. The manager seems to have an attitude with her staff and with the customers as I have witnessed on several occasions. The food is ok but not great. The prices have also gone up AGAIN. And you can also find that if you have table service you will be charged for it, not impressed at all. I would not go out of my way again to visit.
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17 Nov 2010
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We had a 30th birthday here in August, It was free to hire till 2am bar £40 for taxis home for the staff(fair enough!)

The service was impeccable from start to finish, the staff were, helpful, friendly, knowledgable and very accommodating, even when we were worse for wear and I imagine fairly irritating at 2am...They ordered everyone cabs home and helped us tidy up...

Tom the manager was also very helpful prior to the event. Food was fab too!

A great pub, with excellent staff and food! perfect!

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414 Archway Road, Highgate, London, N6 5UA
020 8340 3016

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