Ye Olde Cherry Tree, Southgate

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What was once a pub with a restaurant 'through the back' is essentially now a restaurant with a pub stuck on the back end of it. Ye Olde Cherry Tree feels like a wasted opportunity. It's a well-sized place, in a great location on Southgate Green, but the stripped floors and magnolia paint leave you feeling like your on the set of a new BBC show - 'Changing Pubs', where teams of faceless set designers turn up and knock the character out of a place, leaving it looking like the Wimpey Homes equivalent of decent local. It's not necessarily a bad place, it just lacks a bit of charm. And, dare I say, wear and tear. But note the Vintage Inns name - they're a sister chain to Harvester, so you can guess where this one is coming from. If that wasn't bland enough, at the bottom of the beer garden you'll find an Innkeeper's Lodge. So you get a chain pub next to a chain travel lodge. We guess to some people, this is their idea of heaven, but to us it's all rather depressing and soulless.
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21 Dec 2011
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This pub has recently been taken over by travelodge, and is much worse for it. Drinkers are no longer welcome as the pub seems to have become more of a restaurant. To add insult to injury, the staff can barely be bothered to serve you a drink and seem unmotivated, and the selection of hand-pulled beers is often down to one, though they do have more taps, but they are rarely all in use at the same time. The food is good, but most of the pub is now reserved for diners only and all the drinkers have to squeeze in the back section. One to avoid if you're after a nice pint!

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The Green, Southgate, London, N14 6EN
020 8447 8022

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