Ye Olde Mitre Tavern, Farringdon

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FAP Rating 5 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
Ye Olde Mitre Tavern is a well-concealed pub (in a little yard just off Hatton Garden) can often be an oasis in a somewhat manic area. Of course, like any pub in the City, it gets overrun at the usual times - lunch and immediately after work - but outside of those hours it's a haven. Since it was bought by Fullers, we've seen little change - the beers are still well kept, usually a couple of decent real ales and a number of regular guests on the hand pumps. The food is honest pub grub, if a bit snacky, and the service is old-fashioned and excellent - many newer pubs should take note. There are a lot of rumours about this pub, particularly that it's not actually in London. The origins of the pub can account for some of the confusion. The original pub was built in 1547 for the servants of the Bishop of Ely from Cambridgeshire, whose London palace was just next door in Ely Place. And, as such the palace and its environs (including the pub) were his domain. The pub was demolished in 1772 and quickly rebuilt. From what we can ascertain, it stayed (officially) under Cambridgshire's aegis until sometime in the 20th Century - the City of London police, apparently, had no jurisdiction there. There's also a legend that the tree trunk preserved in the corner of the small bar was the original boundary marker for the diocese and that Queen Elizabeth I danced the maypole around it - but as we say, that's the legend. Nonetheless, Ye Olde Mitre Tavern is an historic, quirky and atmospheric place, replete with the panelling and odd little nooks and crannies you'd expect in such a place - and we hope it stays this way for ever. By the way, if you don't spot the sign on the lamp post in Hatton Garden pointing into the alleyway, you will walk straight past it. Not one to miss. NOTE: this pub is closed at weekends and on Bank Holidays.
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13 Jun 2014
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I first came across mention of the Mitre in the first edition of Lt.Col. Murphy's book "One Man's London". Where it differs from most City pubs, (strictly speaking it is within the Bishop of Ely's preserve), is the friendliness and consideration of the regulars. In most City pubs the regular "City" types form an impenetrable barrier at the bar preventing one from getting a drink. Not so at the Mitre. There they spot a stranger without a drink and make a path to get to the bar and frequently involve them in their conversation. It is the closest I have come to in the City to a village pub and I use it whenever I am in London.
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02 Jun 2013
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Well worth visiting
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26 Mar 2013
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Grew up in this pub over 50 years ago. Still pop in when in London. Still great atmosphere. Wonderful.
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06 Mar 2012
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A true pub in all senses of the word, just what you would expect. It's homey, cozy, friendly, and comfortable. The real ales are well kept albeit the selection is not the biggest. We love the toasties and with Colman's Mustard it's a lot of fun getting that rush in your sinus cavities. One of our favorite pubs in London, the downstairs areas are the most traditional, if you venture upstairs beware of the narrow winding stairs. Love this place.
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27 Sep 2011
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Excellent beer, well kept, and served in the perfect environment. Sadly, the bar food is abysmal. The toasted sandwiches are passable, but the sausages are the cheapest you can find, the hot sausage roll had been microwaved turning it into a mush, and the pork pies are totally tasteless. They may well claim that the emphasis is on the beer but there is no need to sink to these levels, especially when London's Smithfield Market is just 5 minutes away.
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24 Jun 2011
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For a pub that is hard to find it is certainly busy. I will walk a long mile or two, passing many pubs so that I can wet my whistle at this fantastic pub.
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17 Jun 2011
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This pub is a bit hard to find, even though we had been here once before several years ago. On our first visit, we found the atmosphere a bit snobbish, but this past trip we had a wonderful time surrounded by very friendly locals and a great waitstaff. I would recommend going out of your way to experience this pub, its worth the effort.
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14 Jun 2011
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A truly fantastic pub! I used to love it when I worked in Ely Place and its still well worth the trip from my Essex backwater to sup in it and eat toasties.

The beer is usually magnificent, the bar staff friendly and helpful, the toilets are limited but functional and theer is an upstairs fundction room which is big enough for an office do.

All in all a fantstic pub!
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25 Oct 2010
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Beautiful and lovely pub, my favorite London. Great attention, gourmet sandwiches and sausages. A secret place almost hard to find. A gem of tranquility and excellent atmosphere.
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07 Apr 2010
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This really is a lovely pub - great beer selection and good value pub grub. Beware tho it's only open weekdays except for the week of the Great British Beer Festival when it also opens on the Saturday. Definitely worth a visit, and don't worry you haven't had one too many beers, the ladies loo is actually on a slope!
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02 Dec 2009
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made a long overdue visit to Ye Olde Mitre yesterday; the place hasnt changed a bit, still quite simply one of the best pubs in town! Had a pint of Rosey Nosey, i think its the first of 15 guest ales that are part of the pubs Xmas Ale Festival. As good as it was i had to have a pint of IPA next, as everybody knows, you dont get a better pint of Deuchars anywhere else!

Deuchars, sausage roll with scottish mustard (brown sauce!), pickled egg, nice chat with old johnnie boy over the bar....fantastic!
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03 Apr 2009
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A popular pub where the Powers That Be seem to have a preference for Scottish ales, which is an interesting rarity in London. Unlike Ketsbaia above I've never had any issue with the quality of their ales or draught ciders and the service is usually spot on.

If you want a table try upstairs, or hover around until the evening rush has started dying down at half eight.

Unfortunately the pub has just been sold to Fullers so we'll have to see whether the good selection of beer takes a turn for the worse or not.
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12 Feb 2009
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I used to love this little boozer until very recently. A mate of mine was visiting from out of town, so we headed to the Seven Stars, The City Retreat and then here, which I thought would be a great way of rounding off the evening. My mate went for the Deuchars while I decided on the guest ale. Wish I hadn't. It was cloudy and off, a fact I drew to the attention of the barman. He casually explained that he didn't drink beer, so called the landlord to discuss the issue. Landlord arrived and commented that he'd had no complaints about it so far that night. He then also said he didn't drink beer and wouldn't try it to confirm what I'd told the barman. Instead, he held it up and asked if I could see his fingers through the (cloudy) pint. Ridiculous. The last think I wanted was to get involved in an argument, but I know what off beer tastes like, so I stood by my comment. Eventually, after much huffing and puffing, they agreed to change it to Adnams Broadside, but I was left highly unimpressed. Any real ale pub worth its salt would at least listen to a customer's complaint about their beer - if only to gather feedback. That's especially true if they don't even drink the stuff themselves. I won't be going again, which is a shame as I used to genuinely rate this pub.

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1 Ely Court, Farringdon, London, EC1N 6SJ
020 7405 4751
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Mon-Fri 11:00-23:00
Sat - Sun Closed
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We are a Fuller's pub but we also have a regularly changing list of guest beers and have regular 'mini beer festivals' to celebrate the best of the UK's cask ales. Our landlord Scotty and his team are pretty knowledgeable about the beers we serve and if you are ever in doubt about what you're ordering, just ask us!


Please note: This pub is closed at weekends and on Bank Holidays.