Ye Olde Swiss Cottage, St. John's Wood

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FAP Rating 2 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
Not everyone is a fan of Sam Smiths booze with many pub fans falling in to either the pro or anti camps and the Swiss Cottage is a pretty good sword in the armour of those on the anti side of the fence. While the beer is the same as any other Sam Smiths, this place delivers the kind of depressing atmosphere many might expect from a place that sells such bargain basement booze. Built in an eyebrow raising pseudo Swiss chalet style, this sprawling pub comprises a labyrinth of rooms, each seemingly more displeasing than the last. Should you tire of inside however, you could always take your pint and enjoy it on a balcony... overlooking the A41. Despite being fans of the Sam Smiths ethos, it's hard not to rate this as a one pinter, but to be fair it does the job if all you're after is a quick sharpener before hopping on the Jubilee.
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13 Oct 2013
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hi i tried to ring your swiss cottage pub, but got no reply so i thought i would try this way instead

i was with some friends on friday night 10th october and i may of lost a bag which is the size of a pencilcase, its made of a beige silky material and on the zip there are beads and the front of the case is embroidered with beads, its got my old sim card in it and my son who is in hospital specsavers voucher and a few other vital bits of personal details which arent valuable to anyone else but myself, if anyone has found it or handed it in can someone please email me so my son who lives in london can come and pick it up for me thanks in advance so sorry to trouble you, i had a brilliant time at the swiss cottage on friday 10th october it was a memerable evening, i may of lost it outside of course or in a taxi as it was raining that night, i cant think of anywhere else i could of lost my case

take care hope you find it for me
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13 Oct 2013
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i had a great evening with my son and friends, but i got home and found i lost my case which had a few pers onal belongings in it, i think i dropped it in the pub and the lady who answered the phone was really helpful, i may of left it in a taxi of course but i found the pub to be so nice and warm and friendly well worth a visit
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11 Nov 2011
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this is an amazing pub, such a lovely quirky place with so much character. the new guvnors are really nice, very pleasant and make you feel welcome. there are some locals that seem to be there every time i have been in and on a night it is very welcoming. i went there a few nights ago for a couple of drinks and was very impressed with the beer prices. i was also impressed that the landlady and landlord are always around, keeping an eye on the business, which is very rare nowadays. highly reccomment this pub to everyone./
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24 Jan 2010
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Simply awful "pub". The beer is served in dirty, chipped glasses and I suspect there's something very wrong with the delivery system as my pint tasted foul. The place is filthy and worn out. Its certainly cheap in the very worst sense f the word. Avoid like the plague, lest it infect you.

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98 Finchley Road, St. John's Wood, London, NW3 5EL
020 7722 3487

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