Ye White Hart, Barnes

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FAP Rating 3 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
The good news is the recent refurb hasn't ruined this large Victorian pub. It remains pretty traditional inside with a large central bar (Victorian) and the wood panelling left on the wall. The beer's largely Young's but this one bears out their policy of adding guests to the pumps and the guest beer, Bath's Gem, was very nice on a warm afternoon. Friendly staff and a pubby menu leaning toward gastro, but they were grilling burgers outside on the barbie when we were here last - mouthwatering for all carnivores, or what? We still like this one, and it's worth the trip just to sit on the river in the sun. Of course, everyone else had the same idea...
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19 Jan 2014
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Anybody expecting to find the old classic appearance of this pub still in situ will be very disappointed. The great wooden canopy (Victorian) that stood at its centre has been ripped out leaving a non-descript bar : and (because the new owners do not appear to have understood its true function ie to act as a sound dampener) now the "new" barn-like atmosphere is little more than an echo chamber. The old leather chairs and fine tables which have been the hallmark of the pub for the last few decades have been replaced by furniture that appears to have been gained at knock-down prices from a greasy-spoon cafe. The food has equally gone down hill : £6.50 for so-called wild mushrooms on French toast was just a soggy nasty mess - interestingly enough while other pubs on the river like The Dove or The ship have learnt that you have to offer good value food at reasonable prices, the "new" White Hart has gone in the opposite direction.

I noted that when going to The Sun and later to the Idle Hour (both locals in Barnes) that already there has been a migration of the old clientele from the White Hart - and it is not difficult to see why - the pub is now tacky and tasteless. A travesty for locals who have cheerished the venue for years and a let down for those that may have travelled from further abroad.

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The Terrace, Barnes, London, SW13 0NR
020 8876 5177

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