The Beck, Mablethorpe

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FAP Rating 2 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
Slightly disappointing is how we'd describe our experience here. The place has been done up in the last few years, trying hard to get the punters in and we can tell they're trying. Sadly, while it promised a lot, it didn't deliver as much as we had hoped. The interior's now bar modern with comfy chairs and wooden tables which is fine, though the effect is slightly ruined by the pool table in the middle of the room, which you have to squeeze by - and the players, too - to get to the terrace. The beer selection's very good, with five real ales on tap, including Tetley's Extra Cold - we counted six varieties of extra cold beer on the pumps, so that probably gives an indication of the kind of crowd they're getting, younger visitors or locals. The separate carvery was getting a lot of attention when we were in, and we guess that's hardly surprising given its proximity to the beach and family friendly appeal. If you're thirsty, and don't mind not having a sea view, give it a go.
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21 Jul 2012
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Well I will name myself: P. Radford I’m 46, self-employed and have been most of my life. I don’t drink or smoke but I eat too much and I’m a moaner when it comes to food and cost. I will only sit with my back to a wall, never where anyone can walk behind me or next to where anyone can walk past me i.e. walk ways between tables. I don’t like too much noise when eating. Place must be clean well presented with orderly staff and most of all identifiable staff at a glance. Pet hates are food that’s stood too long, worn plates and cutlery, bad parking facilities, inefficient staff, in effect I hate anything I perceive as sloppy. That comes from my job, so I know I’m a pubs landlord/restaurant nightmare and I know I’m hard to please. Ask anyone that’s come into contact with me lol. Ho yes I can’t stand mobile phones and texting so I’m an all round grump but unlike most I know I am!!

I’ve only been in the Skegness area coming up to 2 years and have tried most eateries. This is the only eatery I go back to time and time again. Why? In simple words food is excellent, the carvery is well set out, you get to put all your own veggies on your plate and there’s loads of different veggies on offer like cauliflower cheese my favourite. I’ve never seen any bad looking or tasting food ever at this establishment. I’ve seen staff remove items from the carvery stand but to me it appeared just fine but I think they must have a time limit that they allow food to stand for, well that’s how it seems. I always have the large size carvery because I love meat and it allows me to have 3 of the 4 types on offer, sorry 5, but ones a pie that’s not meat to me sorry.

Like I say above I’ve been to this family pub/restaurant many times, mostly on Sundays. I admit it can get very packed at times, not always. I just go out and come back later. Think to date I’ve done that twice.

In this establishment the staff appear to have assigned jobs, bar side, serving food, waitressing, very polite informative cleanly presented and some very attractive but I digress.

All the food served to me as been A1 and not a la carte. It’s clean, well presented with good ample parking. Staff training shows and they don’t hover asking daft question all the time like, is everything ok, as if anyone would keep eating if it wasn’t.
I’ve never had cause to complain yet and believe me I would.

Just out of interest one can pay to park and walk over to the beach over the road but is free for patrons’ of the pub/restaurant. So it is used by day visitors that come for the attractions in the local area, then pop back for lunch, then off to the beach making a good family day out for all with its shops,crazy golf, skateboard park, rides, too much to mention. All I will say is give it a whirl. You’ll never know unless you try it for your self.

Keep up the good work management and staff, see you on Sunday!!!

Yours P. Radford. (pipeorganphil) on the internet.
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13 Apr 2012
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We visited The Beck as it was advertised as family friendly, but how wrong I was!
Having entered the pub, we stood waiting to be seated for several minutes whilst a heated argument went on between staff behind the bar.
We were eventually taken to a table in an extension room, which is obviously reserved for families, and VERY noisy.
My main problem came however, when I went to place our food order!...
My daughter(5yrs) had previously asked me if she could have chicken/turkey dinner, when we walked past the carvery on the way in, so I looked at the carvery menu, to see a Std meal at approx £5.50, a large meal at approx £7.50, and 'baby bowls' at £1.50 ea.
As neither of my 4 and 5yr old children have large appetites, I asked for 2 standard meals for my husband & I, plus 2 baby bowls for my children, totalling £14. I was immediately questioned if my children were in hi-chairs and I answered no, thinking they were offering to get them for me, but was instead grumpily told that baby bowls can only be sold to children in hi-chairs. I immediately replied that this wasn't a problem, and changed my order to 3 standard adult meals, (£16.50), with an extra side plate for my son, so that he could share the adult meal with my daughter. I have done this on numerous occasions when my children have wanted an adult meal such as cottage pie, which isn't on the children's menu, and I have never had a problem before, so I was totally thrown on the reaction I got! I was told in no uncertain terms that 'under no circumstances would they allow me an extra plate, as meal sharing was completely forbidden! I tried to reason with the supervisor that my son & daughter would never eat a full carvery meal each, and pointed out that they didn't offer a mid-age kids carvery option, but was told that there was nothing they could do, and my children would would have to have chicken nugget & chips insted!
As a family, we eat out quite often, and I have never come across such a hostile and unfriendly establishment, and with hindsight, we should have walked out there and then, but as one of our friends was diabetic and in need of food, we decided to stay. This proved to be a bad mistake as my turkey was dry, and my husband beef was as tough as boots, plus the veg looked like it had been sitting under the heat lamp for the last 2 hours as the carrots were almost crispy! The only positives I can say for the place is that the decor was acceptable, the ice was cold and the cauliflower and gravey were just about edible! (The cauliflower was brought out as a fresh batch just as we arrived)
When I asked to speak to someone, I was told to 'come back tomorrow and speak to the owner', but needless to say I did not, and never will return!
This is my first and hopefully last online review, but I felt compelled to write it to warn others. It may have just been an off day, but the staff seemed very unhappy, with a very bad attitude, and it certainly came through in their food and service!

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01507 472 999

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