The Running Horses, Mickleham

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FAP Rating 3 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
You can't fault it. Originally a sixteenth or seventeenth century coaching house at the foot of the beautiful Boxhill in Surrey. Updated in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries - hence the name of the two, adjoining bar areas of Colonel and Cadland marking the names of the horses in the only Derby dead heat - and loved, nurtured and cared for ever since. It ticks all the boxes. Wood panelling, interesting things on walls, cosy, comfortable tables and chairs, the odd nook and cranny, inglenook fireplaces for winter, an elegant outside patio for when the sun shines with everything spotless and cared-for. This is what English pubs are all about - even though the policy of quality and choice etc means, for example, the welcome treat of Japanese draught lager among the traditional ales. No it's not cheap - shepherd's pie in the bar will cost you twelve quid, most mains in the large, separate restaurant are nudging twenty and bed and breakfast starts at 95. And get real: if you are an oik then don't expect a warm welcome. This is Hooray Henry, Tim Nice but Dim - every over-incomed, full-throated upper-class twit caricature you can think of - territory. But, blow it, they've got to live and drink somewhere. At The Running Horse you are on their manor. Accept it and enjoy it.
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28 Sep 2010
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On Sunday about 4pm we were heading home after a busy morning and thought we’d stop for a quick drink and perhaps something to eat at the Running Horse in Mickleham. It used to be an old haunt of ours but we hadn’t been in for a couple of years. Young J was asleep in the car, and rather than wake him, we left him briefly (Mcann like) while we ordered our drinks.

The place was very quiet; a family coming to the end of their dinner, an older lady with her rotund dog, and a chap with two wet spaniels. Pleasant enough.

Missus went to check on J and brought him in, still asleep.

We were then told quite clearly by the lady in charge, that children were not allowed. She added that we could finish our drinks though before leaving. Guess what, that is exactly what we did.

Just think about that. Less than ten people in the place, three dogs, but your silent child is not welcome here.

Make your own mind up about the Running Horse in Mickleham. Flatuent, oderous dogs welcome, sleeping children not.

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Old London Road, Mickleham, Mickleham, Surrey, RH5 6DU
01372 372279

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