Rose & Crown, Orrell

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14 May 2012
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This is a poor excuse for a pub. Over the last year or so it's been run into the ground. It's totally dead with nobody going into the place. On occasions there's more dogs in the bar than customer's and the customer's that are there have the filthyist language I've heard in many a year. It's disgraceful. This was originally a Cast Marque pub but now it's a laughing stock. The only beer available is Guinness, John Smiths Smooth, Strongbow, Carling, Fosters and on occasions Stella. The top shelf is almost none existent. The landlord is more happy playing on his phone or iPad than engaging with what few customers he has. At the rear there's a large decking area where you can sit outside the smoking shelter is also in this area. Down the bottom of the car park is a large grassed area, with benches and a play area for children, it loos quite good but could probably do with being updated.

There's a for sale sign on the front and I was informed the pub was being closed down for development. Surely the owners can't let another village pub be closed down. Prior to the latest landlord The Rose & Crown was on par with all other pubs in the area, but in 18 month unfortunately it's in the doldrums.

Whatever beer I've had there has always been quite good so it's not the beer what's keeping potential punters away. On a lighter note there's a large car park to the rear but you can't park there because there's a caravan & speedboat taking up most of the spaces available.

Contact details
9a Church Street, Orrell, Orrell, Greater Manchester, WN5 8TG
01695 628231

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