The Spotted Dog, Penshurst

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FAP Rating 3 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
The Spotted Dog is a well-known pub around here (and much further afield). It's a favourite stopping-off point for locals, walkers and tourists coming to this part of Kent. We've known it a long time too, but it's just one of those places we never got round to writing up, until now. It's no surprise the Spotted Dog is so popular, it really looks the part, sitting in glorious rural countryside, it's an ancient, half-timbered place with a couple of beer gardens and a terrace that overlooks the Medway valley. Inside it's the rambling oak-timbered place that you'd hope it would be, complete with log fires, flag floors and a fine selection of well-kept local ales on the hand pumps and local cider. Food's always been a big thing here, with a wide range of dishes including, naturally, Sunday roasts. Weekends, of course, is when the Spotted Dog is at its most popular, so if you want to eat, you have to book. Relatively recently, we'd been hearing reports of a decline in standards, but in the last few months new management has taken over and from our most recent experiences (and more recent reports) it seems things have improved considerably. This is great news, the Spotted Dog is a special pub and it deserves to be one of the best, we'll be coming back, for sure.
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15 Oct 2010
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I have been to this pub a few times in the last few months, have to say it has been absolutely fantastic, the food and service A1. We had a bad meal a few years ago so hadn't been back for awhile. after hearing it was under new ownership we gave it a go, so glad we did. it is the best little pub in the area, with all its original features. It is really nice to see that the new owners are obviously putting a lot of work and love in to the place as new ladies and gents have appeared, as well as other improvements inside the pub.this pub was once a hidden treasure, then went down hill. We are just so happy that it is back! well done Spotted dog
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05 Jul 2009
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A year or so ago we went to the Bottle House in Penshurst and it was absolutely fantastic. At the time we were told by "locals" to try the Spotted Dog as it too was very good. Today, 5th July 2009, we eventually tried it and none of us (a table of eight) could believe just how bad it is. Both the food and the service were appalling, from the repeated requests for sauces, drinks, desserts and the bill through to the black Yorkshire puddings, the oil-laden cod & chips and the inability to make a floater coffee (although they were happy to charge for it...)

It all arrived at various times - a bit of a gamble depending on whether you were eating deep fried or re-heated and the 2x Cod & Chips were literally floating in oil, the yorkie had to be sent back as it was (out of a packet and) burned to a blackened crisp, the meat (1x beef, 2x lamb) was just okay but used to cover the soggy (?) roast potatoes and the scampi was clearly not "premium" for the £11 it cost. Accorodng to my dad, the mackerel was okay but then again by his own confession - it's food....

Not even going to talk about the clearly out of a packet puddings that cost between £4 and £6 a go........

At the end of the day, taken over or not taken over, the food was simply bad and the service was 2x naive kids who (in the nicest possible way) didn't have a clue. Never once did anyone give me the chance to explain our concerns, even when I waited five minutes at the bar to pay the bill and the lad behind teh nar and (I assume) the Landlord bickered over who was next.

If you want to eat, AVOID THIS PUB !!

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Smarts Hill, Penshurst, Penshurst, Kent, TN11 8EP
01892 870 253

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