Blue Bell Inn, Scunthorpe

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02 Oct 2012
Rating 4 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
Typical Wetherspoons, very large, 2 entrances, upper poop deck for diners, space for local history and book library, promotional nights, ie Tuesday steak night, thursday Curry night, and mondays are CAMERA cheap beer night.
Various different seating areas, lots of space for vertical drinking, high tables for when you cant make you mind up if you want to sit or stand. Very wide selection of real ales, the most popular being Japour, Pale Rider, Easy Rider, and the light and pale ales seem very popular.
Toilets are small and cramped, but they are clean, mostly due to the effort of the staff.
One problem is that the staff tend to hide in the glass wash area, and also they have a tendency to serve you from one area of the bar, then pull your beer from the other area of the bar so they can talk to their friends instead of having to talk to you.
It always used to close at midnight every night of the week, but now due to the recession closes at 11pm sunday to thursdays. There use dto be lots of students, but alas no more. The place seems to be frequented by ex steel workers, so be careful before you engage anyone of them in conversation, one false move and you could set yourself up for an hour long lesson in public sector owned integrated steel works.

Contact details
1-7 Oswald Rd, Scunthorpe, Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, DN15 7PU
01724 863921

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