The Defectors Weld, Shepherd's Bush

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This one's not still not getting any better, as a recent visit showed. Having replaced by something a lot more traditional, you'd think it'd meed the needs of folk meeting for a pint before a gig at the Shepherd's Bush Empire. But judging from most of our visits to date, sadly, no. What we've got on our hands here is a professionally loungey pub, where a set of DJ decks is as essential as a supply of bottled Leffe. The rather insouciant attitude of the staff, not to mention the clientele, means you may forget what you wanted from them before they get to you. If you don't mind waiting for the grain to be harvested, fermented with hops, etc. and then bottled, there is a good-sized space downstairs. Upstairs is primarily for eating, though it looks like one corner may be habitable if it's heaving. The whole enterprise does have an enforced air of cool to it and we doubt it'll aim for pre-match QPR fans. As for the oblique name, we're still not 100% sure, but the picture of Cambridge KGB man Kim Philby on the stairs must have something to do with it. We're always a bit leery of places with big blokes on the door anyway.
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28 Sep 2012
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A good selection of beers, but ruined by the attitude of the staff. We arrived for a pre-dinner pint, and were stood at the bar for what seemed an eternity - over half of the pub was reserved for a work crowd and no-one could get served who wasn't part of the group. We saw two different couples leave after waiting over 20 minutes. Once we finally got our drinks they were excellent, and almost made up for the totally indifferent attitude of the staff.
What really shocked us was overhearing one of the pseudo-hipster staff berating a group of people who were smoking outside the pub, forcing them out into the road and the pouring rain, saying they couldn't shelter near the door, as 'we have the right to move you away from the premises'. When one of the girls asked why they couldn't stand a bit closer to the door so they didn't get drenched, he said 'the police will fine you and I won't allow it'! The girl was quite upset, but the guy just stood there smiling and saying that he knew all the regulations and would call the police if they didn't respect the rules, and stay 5 metres from the pub. He then stood there watching them and making sure they stayed in the rain, quoting the same nonsense about the police. I think the police might have better things to do than massaging a barman's ego.
I know smoking is not a very fashionable cause, but this guy was just using smokers to show off his authority, and was obviously really enjoying being a small-minded jobsworth on a power trip.
In conclusion, it's the perfect bar if you wish you were in a bad Shoreditch gastropub, or if you like being told off for doing something perfectly legal, but if you don't like seeing barmen bully perfectly nice young women for no reason, I would stay away.
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05 Aug 2010
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Back in the day when this Public House was the hippest, happening and most salubrious saloon in Sheperds Bush it attracted a plethora of A-Listers. Now when my 2 year old grandson accompanies me (Monday 11 ‘til 3 and Wednesday ‘n Thursday evenings) he gets a couple of Bimbo’s from Holby City, Jonathon Ross’ wife’s scarlet coiffed mop and the entire Cbeebies crew (all of whom are chronic alcoholics) popping in for a pre-work flutter across the optics.

There was no need for ‘Decks’ when Arthur Askey was in the house belting out ‘The Thing-Ummy Bob’ accompanied only by the chinking of cash registers and the enthusiastic applause and adoration of his doting fans. There was no need for bar staff to sport a forehead full of floppy unkempt fringe when there was a tub full to the brim with Brylcream for use by patrons and employees alike. There was no need to take out a mortgage for a bite to eat when a ha’penny would buy you a prime cut from one of the many venison grazing on Sheperds Bush Green and there was no need to play a bizarre and somewhat lethal game of Frogger (when the traffic lights are playing up) to gain entry from across the road.

It ain’t what it used to be.
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14 Jul 2010
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from reading the above-i think there some pretty ill founded stuff here-i go to defectors at least once a week and always find it a great night out. in shepherds bush i mean your surrounded by alot of shit to be fair. the music isnt always right on weekdays i find the play lists to be a bit random even the staff sometimes look baffled so it cant be cool right?! who knows...however if ever i go in with my friends on a friday or saturday everyone is in a good mood door staff are polite havent been in the past but i think there new. i pace to the bar thinking about which cocktail im going to have first they dont use real fruit but doesnt make to much of a difference. once the dj kicks in at 9-10pm depends who it is but generally its guranteed to be a wicked night.

staff can be slow and sometimes ignorant of customers but when there 3 deep and your flashing money in there face you should be ignored this isnt a lottery roll over. im sure if you write your turn they will get there.

the food isn't to bad either hey its not a restaurant but if i wanted that kind of food i would have gone to one its god honest pub grub that's easy on the wallet.

never sure how i feel about the price rises here but i guess if you have premium entertainment you have to charge for it.

visit this little gem and hey if you still dont like it after all that. theres always plenty of other pubs around in the bush.
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19 Apr 2010
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This review seems to be written by someone with a pretty big chip on their shoulder as I don't really think many pubs in London are really as bad as that. I've always had a really good night in the Defectors with good music, a lively atmosphere, late license and, I was pleased to see on my last visit, an ever growing ale collection (should get extra marks for having Doom Bar). As a QPR fan, its a nice afternoon pint as well and it's good to see them put door staff on to keep the away fans out.

With O'Neill's, The Walkabout, and Belushi's in close proximity there's plenty of choice if you want to drink snakie's and get thrown up on by an antipodean but for a good pint in a lively bar The Defectors should appeal to the other end of the Spectrum.
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28 Jun 2009
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I tend to agree with 2 of the 3 reviews! I thought the service was slow (why do barstaff talk to each other rather than pay attention to the customers?) and the beer was indifferent. Deuchars IPA and Youngs Bitter at £3.30 were warm and, I suspect, had been in the pipes for awhile despite it being pretty busy at 5pm on a Friday. Most customers were on lager or cocktails which probably explains it.
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21 Apr 2009
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1 pint rating is far too good for this place. Indiferent staff, undrinkable and overpriced beer.
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07 Dec 2008
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I don't think this place deserves a pint at all. Sure, it's a nice place in the mess that is Shepherds Bush. And reviews from other sites say that it's a good place to go to on Sundays. Maybe because BBC types fancy it, it's grown itself an undeserved ego. Especially the staff. I have gone to several pubs and bars in Central London and never experienced as bad a service as I had from the piss poor lot at the Defectors Weld.

A friend tried to justify that the staff is stressed because of the sheer number of people that go to this pub...but how about this...there are tons of pubs out there, bigger and more crowded, and the staff copes well...well enough to say "be with you in a minute" or at least indicate that they'll be with you shortly. These

I'd hate to see what happens when the BBC moves out of London. Where will there pompous attitude go? But just a word of warning to the wise, and those that read reviews before heading off to this hole. Don't. Unless you fancy waiting 20 minutes for your drink from bartenders who have the worst attitude in the world and use their bare hands to pick ice for drinks.
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11 Nov 2008
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think 1 pint is very harsh...i've always found the staff to be pretty friendly, it's nice and dark and has an interesting mixed crowd. some comfy seats and as i recall some unusual bar snacks. a three pinter in my opinion. better than the green over the road.

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