The Grapes, Southampton

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41-43 Oxford Street, Southampton, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 3DP
023 8033 3220
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Claimed 13 Mar 2012
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Welcome to The Grapes, one of Southampton’s most historic public houses and famously a backdrop to the film Titanic starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslett. Legend has it that six crew members of The Titanic, including three brothers, were drinking in the pub before setting sail and after a few pints of ale, lost track of time and missed the ill-fated passage. As a popular hostelry of the time, it was a favourite amongst crew and passengers alike, but the tale is still cited today as a sign of its lucky influence and the numerous pictures and memorabilia of the times still adorn the walls today.
We serve a wide range of real ales, spirits and snacks and our wine preservation facilities ensure a perfect glass every time. With excellent Sky Sports screens we cater for all major live events and our Management and Staff are warm and friendly.

Detailed Description

The Grapes is known for its wonderful atmosphere, historic Southampton pedigree and as one of the most popular watering holes in the Oxford Street area. Our SKY SPORTS events are buzzing regular fixtures and not to be missed.Real Ales and Enotria wines are served at the perfect temperature and regular LIVE MUSIC and varied Special Events frequented by locals also welcome new friends.