BLACK BOY, winchester

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FAP Rating 4 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
Tucked away on Wharf Hill, off Chesil Street in Winchester, The Black Boy is still faithful to its origins. Although recognised in most of the well known beer and pub guides, it is still a traditional back-street boozer.

Everywhere you look there is something amazing, incongruous or bizarre.
Five rooms are arranged around the hub of a bar, each a museum of marvels. Endless bunches of ancient keys dangle from the beams. Serried ranks of old fire buckets hang above a stuffed donkey nuzzling an equally stuffed baboon. One room boasts an embarrassment of books. Another invites you to slump into an old sofa and regard the stuffed bird and dog, classic film posters and an ancient clock.
Elsewhere, Victorian plaster hams hang from rafters on which old bottles perch. Vast model aircraft swoop overhead and connecting corridors are lined with yet more books. Even the doors of the loos are decorated with lithographic blocks.

This is a gem of a pub, a comfortable bolt-hole that rightly attracts a varied clientele of locals as well as visitors in the know. We can think of nowhere better to share a pint with a stuffed baboon in a kilt!
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18 Dec 2012
Rating 4 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
The one I would always recommend people visit in Winchester when they ask for the best pubs. Lots of intriguing niff-naff and trivia dotted around the place, a surprising amount of space, and to top it all a good selection of local ales to sample. The food was also of a good standard, reasonably priced, but they write the menu up daily and don't do bookings so it's a bit pot luck.

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