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FAP Rating 2 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
The oldest watering hole in Wimbledon, the Dog & Fox now neatly represents the modern Young's pub. Its sizeable interior contains a large dining space and a more regular bar, both heavily restyled after a makeover at the end of 2006. Expect food prices in line with the wealth of 'Wimbledon Village' but also, perhaps surprisingly, decently kept Young's ales. A rather strange guest - Bananabread bitter - was on when we were in last, but we didn't risk it. There's also a selection of wheat beer and euro lager to choose from if real ale isn't your thing. It's certainly a fine place to admire the tastes of contemporary designers, but like a lot of Young's other made-over pubs this one still leave us slightly cold. If you're after Wimbledon's more atmospheric public houses we'd suggest a walk further towards the Common.
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08 Jun 2012
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What can I say? The Dog and Fox is a “Yuppe Pub”. It is something of a “trendy” meeting point. I used to go here quite a bit because I lived near by, and it did a good pint of Erdinger (although it was “off the menu” last time I was here). The restaurant section is quite large, and it is perhaps 60% restaurant, 40% pub. The roast and pork belly are particularly good, although not the cheapest in London, they are probably in line with the area. During Wimbledon fortnight, they have a “live” spit roast out the front. In general the food is quite good, and I can only say that I’m sorry that the former reviewer had trouble, but most food establishments outside of Central London (and many in Central London) would be looking to pack up when it’s 11 o’clock!!

As for the “drinking experience”… If you’re looking for the “traditional working man’s pub” with all the “local characters” and all that entails, this pub isn’t what you’re looking for. There are several others in the “Wimbledon area” which would fit that more closely. But if you’re looking for a bit of “life” and loads of “young adults” enjoying themselves, this place is what you’re looking for. The atmosphere is a bit like All Bar One, but without the “franchise feel” – it does feel like a unique establishment.

I give the place 3 stars due to the quality of the food and the range of beer (and the quiz night on Sunday). I would have given it 4, but for the high prices (probably the most expensive pint in Wimbledon, and that’s saying something) and the lack of “pub atmosphere”.
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27 Jul 2008
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Is this a Pub or a Restaurant? Im not sure the managers know the answer to this either

not that they would care. Why would the eatery in a great place like the D&F be less than

half empty on a Saturday night? They even have a Chefs table to seat twelve. The reason?

Such is the pressure on the kitchen staff to finish by 11.00pm the waiting staff are under

continual pressure to clear tables ASAP. We felt they must use CCTV to watch diners swallow

the last mouthfull of each course before swinging into action like a SWAT team to clear the

plates then pester you every 5 mins for your next order. Order at your peril after 10.30

because, and I quote, 'The kitchen staff will not cook orders received after 10.45'.

Worth complaining about? Spend your money elsewhere the Southern Hemisphere

'Assitant Manager' isn't interested and would rather you hurried up and 'order your

desserts anyway'.

2 pint rating? Pint and a half!

Contact details
24 High St Wimbledon, Wimbledon, London, SW19 5DX
020 8946 6565

Quiz night - quiz night Sunday


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