The Blackfriar, Blackfriars

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FAP Rating 4 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
It could be said that the The Blackfriar is a cheat, but it's an honest cheat, as the almost mediaeval appearance is actually an early 20th century Arts & Crafts extravaganza on the site of an ancient priory. Inside the pub, the eye delights at a thousand features and whether perching on a stool by the marbled bar or tucked into a semiprivate booth you feel it's a special place. Braying city-suits make it a bit of an ordeal on the earlier part of weeknight evenings - although happily in Summer most of them are happy to cram shoulder-to-shoulder on the virtually table-and-chair-less pavement outside. Now that it's open on the weekends, you can visit it at a time when you can have a quiet pint and contemplate the wonderful interior. That, combined with very friendly service and a good range of beers, make this one you should go out of your way to experience.
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01 May 2012
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My first impression of the pub from the outside was that it would take up several floors but the pub only takes up the ground floor. The interior of the pub is very nice especially at the eating area at the back. The pub gets busy after work so I would advise going later if you would like a quieter evening. My visit to the pub was spoiled by the food and by my treatment from a waiter. The chicken was badly cooked and my coleslaw had a tiny wriggling worm in it. I complained to the waiter but he was rude and sarcastic to me about it. I was very upset by this experience as you can imagine! To sum up this pub, I would say go for a drink but think twice about eating.
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13 Oct 2011
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Beautiful place with great style and atmosphere. The interior deserves to return again and again.
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12 Mar 2011
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"Braying city suits", "loud suited city boys" - way to go with the sterotypes. You know what they say, if you don't like it...
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09 May 2009
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Fantastic Boozer. Lots to keep you looking around, good Beer, good food, nice atmosphere. Always worth returning.
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14 Sep 2008
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One of the joys in living in a big city like London is exploring areas you've never been through before, and chancing upon great unique pubs. A few summers ago, me and a friend decided to walk from the City through to the West End. Halfway through our walk, we got a little thirsty and found ourselves in Blackfriars looking for the nearest bar. It wasn't difficult to spot the Blackfriar in it's isolated position, and both of us were gobsmacked as we walked in at the unique decor, revelling in the amazing the-pub-that-time-forgot vibe the place gave off. It being a Sunday, the place was devoid of loud suited City boys, so the pair of us could enjoy a quiet drink whilst marvelling at the unforgettable interior. If I ever find myself walking through the same area again, I'll have no hesitation in stopping off for a pint at The Blackfriar.

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