The Tom Foolery, Bromley

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FAP Rating 2 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
Although this is a Fuller's pub with a decent range of drinks, the prices are rather expensive and in general the place is a bit on the poncey side for these parts. The décor makes it more like a bar than a pub and it's all a bit clean and polished, as well as very noticeably bright. However, the atmosphere is much more desirable than almost any of the surrounding pubs. They've got a couple of plasma screens which can be nice if you fancy watching the sport without it being the centre of attention. And in the summer the doors open across the front but it doesn't amount to much as it's on a busy road and the garden out the back is overwhelmed by the noise of machinery. However, if you just want a quiet drink and you don't mind the cost (or someone else is paying) it's not that bad.
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05 Nov 2009
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The steep prices in the Tom contrast markedly with the Swan & Mitre and the Walkabout nearby. Given that there have been some very serious incidents or concerns recently associated with the latter two establishments, it doesn't take a genius to work out that the Tom's prices are, at least in part, designed to keep out some extremely dodgy characters. And it seems to be helping, in addition to the staff being willing to nip any trouble in the bud.

On 3/11 at about 5.30pm, police closed all the pubs along that stretch of Bromley High St. after trouble apparently kicked off big time at the Swan. And that followed a fatal assault following an incident in the Swan over the weekend. The Tom and The Partridge are oases of sanity in that area, so if you do want to drink and eat around there, you're gonna have to stump up the cash.

Regarding the staff. I took a friend to the Tom about three weeks ago. He'd never been before. His mother had died that day so we found a comfy sofa to have a quiet chat. Having not eaten for ages, he took an interest in the menu, but the barmaid informed us the chef was on an hour's break.

Neither of us had said anything, but she had clearly picked up that the poor guy I was with needed some TLC. She urged him to pop to the cafe next door and bring back a take out, and when he returned, a full table had been set for him. My mate was a bit stunned by all this, and then a cup of coffee arrived for him, on the house, courtesy of the manager who had appeared behind the bar. Service like that... priceless.
Reviews (3)
25 May 2009
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Having been more recently I would change some of the existing review. The beers (2 weeks ago) were in very good condition - an excellent pint. It can get noisy but when I was there it was quiet with good music (ok 70's soft rock). Note they also have live music some Thursdays - some of which is quite good.

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204-206 High Street, Bromley, London, BR1 1PW
020 8290 2039

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