Jerusalem Tavern, Farringdon

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FAP Rating 5 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
Fears about polycarbonate pints replacing glass ones are unfounded. The Jerusalem Tavern is, as it has been for many (award-winning) years, a haven for lovers of the excellent St Peter's beer. True, owing to its particularly cosy interior, it can get extremely busy and as such is not recommended for claustrophobes or those who fear sitting too close to strangers. And yes, on a Friday night there will be a subtantial crowd of imbibers spilling out onto the pavement who will have to drink out of plastic glasses. But unless they run out of glass glasses altogether, those drinking inside will be served their beer in one. The JT serves food at lunchtime only (booking recommended for peak times), and for a small pub the meals are excellent value: all home cooked, in generous portions at reasonable price and completely delicious. If you want a unique pub experience then look no further.
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03 Jun 2013
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Worth visiting
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22 Oct 2012
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I too had heard it was one of the oldest - if not *the* oldest - pubs in London. Visited, enjoyed the night, convivial atmosphere, great range of ales, even managed to get a seat on a Friday night, hence the 4-star rating. Then recently, someone told me the Jerusalem isn't one of the oldest pubs in London, that it's one of the newest! So I checked. And to silence the rumours, this from Time Out: "The Jerusalem is both fabulously historic and a complete fabrication. Although the premises date from the early 18th century, the current shopfront wasn't added until 1810 and the place didn't open as a pub until the 1990s."
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08 Jul 2012
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no nonsense pub selling beers from the St Peters Brewery, beer and conversation, Cream Stout was a revelation.
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29 Oct 2011
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From friends who took me here, I heard that this is one of, if not the?, oldest tavern/pubs in the London area. It is a bit off the beaten path, and certainly the journey is even stranger now that the Barbican tube station currently under construction, but the atmosphere of Jerusalem Tavern is truly unique and definitely always worth a visit.

Jerusalem is tiny, meaning that when we arrived just before 10pm on a Friday, there was no hope of tucking in for a while. We ordered drinks and stepped back out onto Britton Street and made ourselves more comfortable on the sidwalk. That was a good setup given we couldn't get a table, until 10pm when they made everyone come in and pack into the small space; then a table would have been prime.

The space is used in an interesting and efficient way: tables are tucked in everywhere they can be, and it's not hard to make friends with your neighbors if so inclined. There is a great selection of beers on tap (as is standard for pubs in London), and the smell of beer-soaked wood is actually a bit charming, bringing me back to my college days. I'd love to set up here for a night and watch what happens in the tavern, what characters come and go, the space empty and fill, and all the while have a cold drink at hand.

Like I said, definitely worth a visit.
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14 Jun 2011
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St Peter's only London pub is a crowded ex-coffee house that quite frankly makes me think I'm in the headquarters of a revolutionary cabal from the 18th century (the creaky furniture and candles adds to the effect).

It is crowded true but the beer more than merits the discomfort. If you can find somewhere to sit, the pub's food is very good, if a trifle pricey. The facilities are a bit odd but I stress it more than merits a visit.
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01 Dec 2010
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I used to work in Clerkenwell, but never visited the Jerusalem as much as I would have liked due to the frankly horrific overcrowding. It *is* a great pub, and well worth a trip to if you're in the area and thirsty, but don't expect to sit down. Ever.
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30 Apr 2010
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An interesting story, I hope... On entering the Jerusalem tavern for the first time with a mate who is familiar with my new-found dedication to the excellent 'fancyapint' site, the same mate declared- "I bet this is a five pint's really good at pretending its not 2010..."

Now this really made me stop and think.

My first thoughts were that I loved the place-the wooden beams, the feeling that you really might be back in 1790.

And then, however...there was the realisation that little things make the that the girl behind the bar looking bored, with her feet on the bar reading Marie Claire wasn't quite fitting the image I had in mind...

A great pub, no doubt...but my mate made me think hard about the pubs that are given 5 pints on our did the bored bar girl...
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13 Jan 2009
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Interesting beer selection and worth a look. Unfortunately on my visit the staff only showed any spark of enthusiasm when hounding the customers out at 11.05pm There are many better pubs in the area

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