Rising Sun, Fitzrovia

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With it's impressive Victorian exterior, this easy-to-find place is a popular pub on Tottenham Court Road and a safer bet for a drink than some of the other pubs in the area. The interior is equally impressive and is probably why so many tourists find it - it looks like a pub. With five beers on the hand pumps, a reasonable wine list,and an updated menu, you'll find it to be a reliable place for a pint and a bit of grub. It's high profile also makes it a good place to meet, even if you're going on to somewhere else. One obvious sign of their main clientele is the sign on the bar that says "4 pint jugs available" which, when combined with the beer prices makes it prime student territory. It's not that bad during the day, just try to be out by about 3 if you have an aversion to students.
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31 Oct 2011
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I recently started a new company where some of the staff go for a pub lunch every Friday. They had arbitrarily picked this one due to its close proximity to our office but after a few times here, I've suggested looking elsewhere, to much rejoicing.

The food here is pretty pathetic. Microwaved mash, overboiled veg, bog standard burgers and pies that look substantially less appetising than Margaret Thatcher covered in talcum powder, spread-eagled on satin sheets.

The staff are rude and painfully slow. The ales are a standard mix but I'm not sure how often the pipes are cleaned as beer often tastes slightly rancid.

For such a convenient location and perhaps because of its general shoddiness, this pub is unusually deserted, which is its only saving grace.

Whatever you do, don't order the Hunter's Chicken.
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25 Sep 2008
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Dreadful pub! Poor decor and atmosphere. Went with a group of friends and I tried the Spitfire. It was undrinkable, my friend who got the round in and went to take it back to the barmaid, she asked the landlord, he said it was not off and that was the end of that and so instead of giving a new pint or an alternative my friend had to pay again for a pint of pride. I took this up with the landlord who was very unhelpful and showed no customer service at all, he just mentioned he had won awards for his beer (which looking at the reviews below, you wonder how!) He then tried to blame the barmaid for not telling him the full story. At no point did he apologise or try to resolve the issue. This is the first time in over 20 years of drinking that a pub has refused to deal in some with a 'dodgy' pint. Needless to say he lost any more custom from our group and we went on to far finer establishments then this.

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46 Tottenham Court Road, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 2ED
0207 636 6530

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