The Dissenting Academy (ex-The Clarendon (ex..., Canonbury

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Not now renamed the Clarendon (back to it's original name) it is the Dissenting Academy as pointed out in the review below. We haven't been able to visit the pub yet either, as also pointed out below which is to our eternal shame and something we should greatly love to rectify as soon as possible - along with the other 34,500 pubs listed.
What we can tell you is that this is an InnBrighton pub - the group from Brighton (hence the name) and their track record is superb given the quality and diversity of pubs in the South Coast town. We will get there soon, but until we do please just enjoy the wiser words of our most recent visitors.
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01 Oct 2013
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very large pub with seating from bar stools to sofas and varied selections of beers and lagers. There is regular live music and the sound system is so good that I thought it was a recording! It's also not so loud that you can't talk over it. Lively, friendly bar with efficient service and good beer.
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18 Oct 2012
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And they've still not been to visit or else they would know that this pub has undergone yet another name change and is now called The Dissenting Academy, in honour of a former academy for radicals and free thinkers on Newington Green. My wife and I visited a month or so ago and my initial impressions were unfavourable. Some of the better ciders that the Clarendon used to stock were gone and the wine list was written on a mirror way above the bar, making it all but impossible to read. The large paintings of 'dissenters' such as Bob Dylan and Bill Hicks cover walls, and the TVs that I had enjoyed the Olympic opening ceremony on in the pub's previous guise were gone. And the main barman that evening was obviously new and pretty hopeless but everyone's got to learn somewhere and sometime. But then as Saturday evening rolled on, more and more people came in, and a pub that has always seemed to struggle to draw the punters (hence the name and ownership changes) was the busiest I'd ever seen it outside of the aforementioned Olympic opening. So maybe they are doing something right after all. Look forward to a second visit to see how the new identity is bedding in.
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11 Feb 2012
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It strikes me that it's about time the people running this site got round to visiting this pub properly. Posting in vaguely negative terms in November 2011 with the promise to do a proper review – but then failing to do so in a timely manner – seems a bit off to me.

Anyway, I used to frequent this pub around 15-20 years ago when it was the Nobody Inn. It was nothing particularly special but I always liked it for its spacious, slightly old-fashioned interior and views out over Newington Green. It has now been revamped as "The Clarendon", which is perhaps a reversion to its original name ("The Clarendon Arms"?), I'm not sure. I've been in a couple of times recently and found it quite pleasant (I say pleasant because it was on the quiet side and I don't like heaving, noisy pubs).

They have a decent selection of ales and ciders on hand-pump (mainly Dark Star beers and Weston's ciders, but with a guest ale - Alton's Pride on the most recent occasion). My beer (Dark Star Hophead on both visits) was very good. Prices are a little on the expensive side (£3.50 per pint) but typical for the area. Service very friendly. They also do Thai food, but I haven't tried that.

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92 Mildmay Park, Canonbury, London, N1 4PR
020 7249 6430

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